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Free Online Counseling and International Virtual Education Fair

With more than 50 years of experience, IDP Education provides free support to every student who wants to study abroad to reach their goals. In order to protect public health after the Covid-19 global epidemic, IDP Turkey has decided to pause its signature events such as Roadshow and Showcase where you can learn everything about the education in Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, America and New Zealand. However, with the awareness and faith that this situation is temporary, IDP continues to support you with IDP Turkey Online Counseling application and International Virtual Education Fair which will be held in May 3, 2020.

IDP International Virtual Education Fair is completely free and online. You can get information about the countries you want to go for studying, and studying opportunities. IDP Turkey will help you about the application conditions for the schools you want to study and the requirements for countries' student visas.

With IDP, you can skip application fees of many universities; you will get rid of confusing processes such as missing information and wrong documents.

Moreover, IDP Turkey's expert consultants will support you not only experience a successful admission process by offering you school options based on your academic background, career goals and the country you want to go to, but also support the letter of intent required for your application and the documents such as reference letters.

Which of the language proficiency exams will you need to study abroad? IDP's expert advisors, who are in direct contact with the schools, will answer your questions about this. Moreover, if the exam you need to take is IELTS, one of the most accepted exams in the world, our consultants will help you to create an exam registration on the dates you want by directing you to the IDP IELTS department and even reach the language proficiency score you want by providing information about the dates of the IELTS Webinars.

How can you register?

When you click on the registration link from here, you will be presented with a page that will give you 'Register' text and event details. After answering your basic personal information, questions about which country and what kind of education you would like to study, you will receive an email regarding your registration. On this email you will find a link to log in on the day of the event. After clicking the link that comes up, you will have taken a step to make your dreams of studying abroad come true without having to leave your home!

How can IDP Turkey help you?

IDP Turkey, serves as a bridge between educational institutions and students. It works as a registry office for 6 partner countries and over 700 partner institutions. It helps you find the departments of your dreams in appropriate educational institutions and also creates your application by sending the documents required for registration. It offers you what you need to get accepted and guidance for your visa procedures.

In short, it supports you at every stage of your education abroad and it does this without any charge for you.

Can I Connect now with IDP Turkey's expert advisors before the event?

Of course! Click here to follow the necessary steps. Once you know what country you want to go, you will be directed to one of the expert advisors. If you do not want to talk like this, you can contact via WhatsApp line, or you can fill out the form so that IDP's expert consultants can reach you.

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