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International Students Don't Give Up Their Dreams of Studying Abroad

While making the decision to study abroad and trying to determine the most suitable countries, universities, and departments by doing the necessary research for this was a difficult enough process, the Covid-19 epidemic, which affected the world, brought about unforeseen problems. The fact that the epidemic was deadly and spread easily caused travel restrictions, quarantine processes, and measures to restrict circulation in all areas of our daily lives.

A study conducted by IDP Connect to understand the behaviour and preferences of international students during this process revealed that students risk staying in quarantine and getting vaccinated to study abroad.

The fact that international students are willing to stay in quarantine in a different country, in a culture that has just been met, and how much international students stick to their goals of studying abroad is the best indicator that they do not give up on their dreams of studying abroad.

Students want to study on campus

While debates continue about whether online education should continue, research has shown that many students prefer traditional face-to-face education and campus experience. Again, according to this research, only 10% of students stated that they could start completely online education.

In the research, the reasons why the candidates who prefer traditional education do not prefer online are mostly because they think that they are insufficient in gaining international cultural experience, while reasons such as time differences between countries, concerns about the difference in education quality and whether post-education work permits are valid for this education are also cited as reasons for this.

You can find the research and its infographics here.

How can IDP Turkey help you?

IDP Connect is part of IDP Education, which offers international students the opportunity to study in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and Ireland, with offices around the world using data-driven research and trusted human connections. Offering reliable, accurate, and personalized options to provide the most suitable options for the career and educational goals of students who want to study in these countries, IDP helps your abroad education start smoothly by following the regulations of countries and institutions regarding COVID-19.

You can fill out the form to reserve your one-on-one appointment with IDP Turkey's expert consultants, or you can use IDP Turkey's services such as WhatsApp, Online Chat, and Virtual Counseling.

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