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New Year Celebrations In Australia

New Year celebrations in the southern hemisphere do not pass with cold and snowy days, as we always see in Christmas and New Year themed movies. Still, there is no difference between the hopes and celebrations for the New Year and people living in the northern hemisphere.

Celebrations in Australia's major cities are celebrated with ceremonies, fireworks displays, and parties, as in other major cities. However, outside of these cities, in Australia, where the weather is hot in January, activities are also held outdoors and on the beaches. Many Australians even celebrate the New Year with their families by organizing barbecue parties.

Fireworks Shows Held in Cities

Fireworks shows in Sydney Harbor offer a New Year celebration worth watching. Every year on December 31st, people in the city come together to watch this show. In addition to Sydney, fireworks are also held in Brisbane and Melbourne.

It is a fact that Australians often prefer barbecue parties and fireworks in the city with their families to celebrate the New Year. However, Australia has quite a lot of alternatives at the beginning of the year during the hot months of December and January.

Scenic Flights to Antarctica

For example, if you do not want to celebrate New Year's Eve without a view of the cold and ice plates, it is possible to participate in Scenic Flights to Antarctica. Of course, you have to reserve a certain fee for this, but this is also an option.

Paradise Festival

Paradise Festival takes place in Glenworth Valley, a few hours away from Sydney, and you can enter the new year with music, dance and entertainment with activities performed in 12,000 hectares of meadows. In addition to the performances of many local and international artists, yoga activities, speeches, traditional and local events are also performed alternately. For many young people, summer means festival. It must be quite fun to meet the New Year with the open air festival.

Taste of Tasmania Festival

Food freaks here! This festival takes place in Tasmania and lasts for five days. This festival, also known as the food and wine festival, can be among the biggest and longest running festivals in Australia. Of course, music, performance and fireworks are indispensable for the new year. Entering the new year among good wines and food seems like a good option.

Last Sunset Parties of the Year and Surfing

Sunsets are romantic and impressive. You can visit the Gold Coast where you can take the best sunset photos in the world and enjoy beach parties. Gold Coast, a very popular surf center, can be a good alternative for New Year's Eve celebrations outdoors.

The geographic locations and climates of the countries for the New Year also affect the traditions and celebrations for the New Year events. However, as is seen, expectations and hopes for the new year do not change in any country. So the new year should bring together new year wishes and goals.

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