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What is Pathway / Foundation Program?

Your career goals, your desire to see the world and to live in different cultures have led you to study abroad. No matter what motivates you to study abroad, it will certainly help you gain the competencies that will lead you to achieve many things that will improve your life.

Pathway / Foundation Programs

These programs can simply be described as "Preparation Programs". Pathway programs offer you preparatory education combined with your university education. The education standard of each country differs. With this program, international students who can come from all over the world are aimed to reach a sufficient level for university education. This education includes topics such as English language proficiency as well as presentation, article writing, teamwork, note-taking techniques and time management. After these programs are completed, you can start your university education.

Content of Pathway / Foundation Programs

The education system in Turkey is different from the education system abroad. These differences can stress you both socially and academically when you start your university life. Pathway programs will help you prepare for many subjects, such as article writing, presentation techniques, teamwork, English language proficiency, that you will encounter during your social and university education.

For Pathway programs, you must have a good high school graduation average. Pathway programs with a good average and the same high success can give you privilege for your university life. Institutions can help to direct high achieving students to scholarships or tuition discounts, or help them get advanced education in their programs.

How Can I Apply To Pathway / Foundation Programs?

Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, America, New Zealand and Ireland countries are able to offer many Pathway / Foundation programs, with high education standards and schools ranked in the top 100 among the world's best universities in various rankings. Did you know that you can search Pathway / Foundation programs on our website according to the departments you want to study?

On this page, discover the schools you can evaluate by selecting the department you want to study and the country and education level, their average fees and requirements. After doing your research, you can apply for Pathway / foundation programs with IDP Turkey. You can make your applications quickly and reliably with expert IDP consultants who will guide you with up-to-date information about the departments, programs, visa requirements and more you want. Moreover, you can take the IELTS exam, which will be your English language proficiency indicator for your study abroad, with IDP IELTS. Expert counselors will provide you with information about IELTS, allowing you to register your exam at the appropriate dates.

You can fill out a form or use our WhatsApp, Online Chat, Virtual Counseling services to start your education life at the universities of your dreams as soon as possible and start your education abroad, which will take your education and career goals on the launching platform!

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