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Preparation for Studying Abroad

You have decided to study abroad. What then? Not knowing where to start is not a problem, but we tried to compile for you how you can make preparations to guarantee your place in the best universities abroad. Thus, you will be able to see your needs step by step for your study abroad and take more decisive steps for your future.

1 - Find what suits you best!

We are sure that there are many options that will suit you, but try to choose the field of education that can take you to the next point. Then it will be your turn to observe the best countries and institutions that give you the appropriate departments. Finding the one that suits you best means:

- It will be able to adapt to your budget for education and living expenses

- It will provide you with the most suitable conditions in terms of the education system

- It will pave the way for your employment after graduation

- With international student services, it will enable you to live a healthy and safe life away from your family.

- Such as scholarship opportunities, accommodation services

finding the best educational institution that can offer opportunities in many ways. If you can not decide between which of tens of thousands of universities and higher education institutions around the world will suit you best, IDP Turkey's expert consultants will assist you in this regard.

2 - Meet with your overseas education consultant online!

It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing conditions alone because of the COVID-19 pandemic. IDP's overseas education consultants, which have reliable resources about education abroad and one-on-one communication with the application team of universities, will help you to move on this rough sea and determine your route easily. You can make an appointment free to support your study abroad, applications, registration and visa procedures during working hours!

3 - Prepare for Your IELTS Exam

We don't know how much you use English in your daily life or how good you are at it. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you prepare for the IELTS exam, which will measure your English based on your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, both in terms of being familiar with the types of questions and in terms of time planning and usage. IDP IELTS offers free and paid IELTS preparation materials to help you prepare for the exam. Check it out here.

4 - Prepare yourself financially

Calculate how much you can make a budget for yourself to study abroad. Education costs vary depending on the country you will go to, the type of education you will receive, the university, the city where the university is located and many other factors. Therefore, we recommend that you plan your financial preparations and savings accordingly.

Apart from these, the various scholarships offered for international students and the application dates for these scholarships may vary. Since it can be costly to study abroad, are any scholarships provided to you for the department, university and country you want, if so, what are the application conditions and deadlines, it is very important to get answers to these questions.

Scholarship applications usually require an individual application. IDP Turkey's expert consultants can not come to support you fully in this regard, though, when they become aware of the opportunities available for you, they will contact you immediately. You can find tips on current developments and scholarship opportunities from our social media and blog posts.

5- Start working on your letter of intent / statement of purpose

Letters of intent, an important part of the application process, help the universities’ admissions committee to gain insight into your life, academic and career goals, subject knowledge and vision. You can find tips on the letter of intent here. Your IDP consultant will also help you assure your place for the education you want by giving you important feedback on your letter of intent.

6 - And finally, make your applications!

The sooner the better! You have dealt with many things until this process, but your IDP consultant will assist you in the application process as well as assist you every step of the way. You will have one-to-one consultancy and details about your transactions with the process of collecting the required documents, quick application and feedback. In fact, by downloading the IDP Study Abroad Application to your phone, you will be able to follow your application process instantly and communicate with your advisor more easily.

Do not delay your dreams. Fill in the form or contact WhatsApp, Online Chat, Virtual Counseling to start your study abroad as soon as possible and meet with IDP Turkey's expert consultants!

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