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6 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Country to Study Abroad

Turkey is among the countries sending the most students abroad to study. Of course, it is not easy to choose the country you prefer for foreign language education, undergraduate, master and Phd programs. However, you can make a decision by doing some research and determining your priorities. Let's say that IDP consultants will help you whenever you want.

The geographical location of the country

European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain,France, preferred because of its proximity to Turkey, are the favorite of students who want to study art, fashion and gastronomy. You can examine the European countries that attract attention with their history, cultural diversity and entertainment life and you can choose the school accordingly.

Career chances and prestigious education

America, Canada and Australia are undoubtedly among the countries that students prefer most to study. The reputation of America, which has the best universities in the world and is a country of opportunities for starting a career after graduation, is known to everyone. Studying in America, home of important brands such as Apple, Google, Facebook, IBM, Canada, known for high profits in business life, Australia with research opportunities and important discoveries can be an important choice for your career life.

Career choice

International students usually prefer courses such as technology, computer science, mathematics and medicine in the USA, language education and mechanical engineering in the UK, health and medicine in Canada, business in Australia, engineering in Germany, art in Italy, and gastronomy in France. If you have found the profession of your dreams, you can consider the country selection in this respect.

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities are very high in Australia in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary medicine, in Switzerland in the banking, finance, watch, pharmaceutical and food sectors, and in Germany in the fields of automotive, textile and chemistry. The fact that the countries such as New Zealand, Finland, Hong Kong, China, India, South Korea need more qualified employee plays an important role in their preference for education.

Different cultures

Far East countries such as Japan and Singapore are the choices of those who want to experience different cultures, exotic flavors and a magnificent nature while studying.


Before deciding on the country you are going to, we can suggest that you explore the possibilities of working while getting scholarships and studying. Germany, with its award-winning educational institutions in the fields of science and engineering, fascinating and exciting Malaysia, Italy,which has the oldest educational institution in the world, France with world-famous achievements and a very high literacy rate and South Africa with a unique nature, are among the countries where you can get abroad education with the most suitable budgets.

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