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Study abroad without getting an exam!

Throughout your education life, you study continuously in order to get education in good schools and universities and you took one exam to another. Although exams are a great way to test yourself and see what you are missing, the exams that completely shape your future, of course, become a major stress factor in your life. It’s possible to get university education abroad without an examination for those who couldn’t get the results they want or get in the university they expected!

Without getting any exam determined by ÖSYM, you can start your education abroad which will improve your social and cultural skills. Popular countries for study abroad like Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand and Ireland doesn’t want any YKS exam result for the application process. With understanding of excellence and quality in education, these countries offer degrees valid all over the world but for some departments, you may need to question the equivalence of the department you will study at the ÖSYM institution. 

So, what is required for studying abroad?

First, you must be a high school graduate and submit your diploma and transcripts. Oversea universities application requirements may vary according to the subject you want to apply to. For some subjects or departments, they may ask you for documents of your extracurricular activities or portfolio. To figure out what documents are requested by universities, you can visit the website of the university you would like to apply to OR get free support from IDP’s expert counsellors. 

Apart from this, you may have to show your knowledge of English. English speaking countries want you to take IELTS to measure your English proficiency. Many universities offer Pathway programs to let you improve your English and your preliminary courses for your subject, even if you don’t get the required proficiency in English.

What are the average costs of studying abroad? 

The cost of studying abroad is not calculated only by considering the tuition fees of the universities. The country and the city you will go to may vary according to their education, subject and institutions you want to get in. You should also consider your expenses such as living and accommodation during the period you will be there. For details, you can get free support from IDP Turkey’s expert. 

Average education prices by country (per year):

Australia: 20.000 – 50.000 AUD

United Kingdom: 10.000 – 18.000 £

Canada: 7.000 – 29.000 CAD

New Zealand: 22.000 – 30.000 NZD

USA: 20.000 – 45.000 USD

Ireland: 10.000 – 25.000 €

How IDP Turkey can help you?

IDP Turkey works more than 700 leading universities, schools and colleges with no requirement for an exam in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Ireland. IDP provides one-on-one counselling services to students who wants to study in these countries. Providing consultancy services to find the right universities and departments in the right countries for you and doesn’t charge an extra fee for your application procedures. It informs you by contacting universities for you, organizing your documents and following every step for your visa and enrolment procedures. Fill out a form now to benefit from our expert’s advice and get more information!

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