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Studying Abroad: Expectations vs. Reality

Seeing new places and meeting people from new and different cultures gives you privileges for both your personal development and career goals. Studying abroad also allows you to experience it in the best possible way. Among all the things it will gain, actually paying attention and reconsidering your expectations will help you easily overcome the difficulties that will make this gain even more meaningful.

1 – You will have loads of international friends!

Of course you will! But friendship is something that takes some time. Moreover, making friends with people whose habits and culture are completely different may not be as easy as you might expect. How much time it takes to both introduce yourself and get to know them may vary depending on the circumstances, but don't fall into despair right away.

2 – Language and cultural barriers are meant to be overcome!

You may have researched the language and culture of the country you are visiting very well, but unless you start living in it, let's admit that you will not be able to fully grasp it. Also, no matter how well you speak the language, local idioms and abbreviations will be confusing at first. Moreover, be prepared, some things that are funny to you may not be so funny to others. After all, they too will be foreign to your culture. Don't let all this discourage you. With enough time, you will even form a common language with your friends.

3 – Discover new places every day and become a tourist first!

On the bright side, every place will be a new discovery for you. If you expect to travel every day and participate in city tours, let's say in advance that you need to settle your order in your new country and city for this. Besides, you went abroad to study there. So as a student you will have lessons, assignments, responsibilities. Of course, you will see many places to visit, but it will be quite challenging to do this without planning or 'without a single day you will not visit'. Moreover, museums, galleries, historical and natural beauties may charge a certain fee, so we advise you to pay attention to your budget.

4 – Living alone will be fun!

The relativity of this item is debatable, but living alone can be fun as well as depressing. Your social life, your academic life, the order of your accommodation, what you need to do to live, what you need to do to be successful…Even if it's the little things, some responsibilities will make you realize how much time they can take and how important it is to plan. Ironing, arranging, cooking and keeping track of payments, budget…Even if the innumerable responsibilities do not intimidate you, the longing for your family and friends may lead you to longing for your homeland. It is quite natural to feel this strong sense of longing. Keeping in touch with your family and friends and sharing your experiences with them will make you feel a little better.

5 – I will balance my education, social and personal life and start working part time immediately!

You have the power to do all this! Our only concern will be that you shouldn’t forget to take time for yourself. Everything may not go according to your wishes and expectations, but at the end of all the difficulties experienced, you will be able to stay on your feet and you will be stronger to carry yourself higher from where you are. Your part-time work opportunities may vary depending on the country you go to. You can check this article for detailed information. 

Our advice to you will be to search for options that will not prevent your education life and even support your education sectorally. Part-time work is available for international students to help you develop culturally and industrially, as well as balancing your economy.

To come to a general conclusion, it will be quite challenging to be in an unfamiliar order in a different country. However, what they bring will make the sufferings more meaningful.

IDP helps you overcome these challenges more easily with its offices and events in education countries. By visiting IDP Turkey offices, you can get information about these experiences from our expert consultants who have previously studied abroad, and learn what it takes to start your education abroad.

You can fill out a form to schedule a meeting with IDP Turkey consultants or you can use free applications such as WhatsApp, Online Chat, Virtual Counseling.

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