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Tips For Your Online Interviews

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions in human history. We have understood the importance of the internet in our business, education, and daily life much better with the recent Covid-19 pandemic. To protect our health and public health, we now connect with our loved ones and our responsibilities through this virtual world. For this reason, now that we use this world for your business and academic interviews, we have compiled tips for you for the requirements of this virtual world!

1- Prepare technically

If you have tools such as computers/phones/tablets that you will need to use for your online interview, update them before your interview. It will speed up the work if you check the operability of the application you will call or download it beforehand. It may not always be because of us, but try to make sure you have a good internet connection. Position the device that you will use for the interview on a flat and solid surface so that your camera does not move during your conversation.

2- Edit your background before the interview

In face-to-face meetings, this responsibility would mostly be in the institution we will go to for the meeting, but now the meetings take place in very different places and backgrounds. So adjust your camera angle to avoid distractions from your interviewers. Sit with your back to a solid-colored wall, if available. If you do not have this opportunity, plain, virtual backgrounds on the internet will do the trick. Take care that these virtual backgrounds do not carry humor or convey any message. Humor, unfortunately, may not always be an element that softens the atmosphere.

3- First impression is always important

Do not be misled by the existence of virtual elements and distances. Although everything depends on the camera angle, you will communicate with a tool that will be much more focused in one-on-one communications. That's why we recommend that you have a suitable background, as well as a suitable outfit, and arrange your camera at eye level. You have to make it a habit to talk while looking at the camera. If you are someone who uses your hands while talking, you may need to adjust your angle accordingly. If your camera angle does not take your arms in the frame, it may create the perception that you are dealing with something else during the call.

4- Greet

The act of "handshaking" is usually performed when first meeting a person in the physical world. How you introduce yourself to people, the way you hold the other person’s hand, your strength, your posture, and many other factors would become a part of body communication and would help the other person to get an idea for you and you about the other person. It would be a good idea to do something called a “digital handshake” to overcome these details that the digital world deprives us off and show our social skills here. Address and greet every one of your interviewees individually to perceive the “warmth” of the person interviewed behind the screen or to create a realistic bond with them. Do not forget to look at the camera while doing this. You can thus create some perception of reality. When someone addresses you in more crowded meetings or interviews, a small head movement along with a smile will help you create this perception.

5- Finally, be prepared!

It's always good to be prepared in advance. It is very important to research the subjects thoroughly and to have information about the company/institution/school you are interviewing for. Try to prepare your questions ahead of time. If you have questions, asking them in an appropriate language will make your communication more effective and more meaningful. Be prepared for the questions that may be asked of you. This will make the flow of communication faster and help you appear more confident without pauses.

Just as you are there before the meeting time just in case, for your online meetings, prepare your system in advance and be there 5-10 minutes before the agreed time for the meeting.

IDP Turkey is ready to support you online during your education abroad during these pandemic days!

Our expert consultants, who can answer all your questions about your education abroad without having to endanger the health of yourself and your loved ones, continue to support you on online platforms! You can fill out the form to make an appointment with IDP Turkey's expert consultants, or you can ask your questions directly through our WhatsApp, Online Chat, Virtual Counseling applications!

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