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Australia's fastest growing university: Torrens University

We are in Australia, which is among the most preferred countries to study and work, and fascinating with its quality of life and nature.

Torrens University, with two Sydney campuses,one in the Blue Mountains region and other campuses in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, offers undergraduate, diploma, master and Phd programs. Torrens University, which gives students,who have completed the 1-year diploma program, the opportunity to continue from the 2nd year of the university, also provides opportunities for work experience after graduation.

Torrens University Australia is also part of Laureate International Universities, an innovative educational institution consisting of about 70 universities in 23 countries. Torrens University, which attracts attention due to its classes with few people, cares about encouraging and one-to-one education. Applications for undergraduate education at Torrens University require an IELTS score of at least 5.5 to 6.0. In diploma programs, 5.5 IELTS points are required,including at least 5.0. 

While Success Coaches at Torrens University serve to support students in discovering and developing their potential, they are always with students on career life and goals.

At Torrent University, certificate programs cost at least $ 10,000, diploma programs cost at least $ 22,000, master programs cost at least $ 38,000, and undergraduate programs cost at least $ 68,000.

IDP Consultants are waiting for you to answer all the questions in your mind and shape your education life together.

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