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University of Exeter

 Exeter University, a Russell Group university, located in Exeter in the south west of England, is a research-oriented public university. Its motto which is "Lucem sequimur", can be translated into English as "We follow the light". Established in 1955, the university is now home to more than 22.000 students from 130 different countries. The university has three campuses: Streatham, St Luke and Penryn.

Considering the post-graduate employment rates of Exeter University, it is among the top 200 universities according to the QS rankings. There are private career centers they have prepared for their students. It helps students with CV preparation and interview techniques, and helps them find part-time jobs. 

Entry requirements for Turkish students

Today, the university has many students from different countries, which has close to 100 students from Turkey. Some of them study in different areas such as Mechanical Engineering students from Turkey, Business & Marketing, Law, Education and Mathematics.

  • High school diploma, A - levels and IB diploma program are required for direct entry for undergraduate deparments. Students who fail to meet the qualifications, with the required year-end GPA, depending on the program they are going to apply for, can transfer to the Foundation programs or the undergraduate programs after study “One-Year Program” with INTO Exeter. *

*For Foundation and INTO Exeter, there are success rates and details that vary depending on the program you want to enroll. You can learn these details for free with your IDP Education counselor and apply to your dream program.

  • Requests a 4-year university diploma from students who wish to apply for master- graduate programs. Depending on the programs, which generally requires GPA of 3.0 and above (year-end GPA), if the necessary conditions for direct entry in areas such as Finance or Business are not met, INTO Exeter will provide you both academic and research skills in English language and offers programs to help you improve your skills.
  • For PhD -doctorate- programs, with good averages in undergraduate and graduate programs, you need to list possible supervisors related to your subject and submit a good research / thesis proposal before applying. You can find our tips for a good research proposal here.

As an international student, you also need to submit your English proficiency results. Although the proficiency levels var according to the programs, it generally expects IELTS scores 6.0 and above from the IELTS Academic. IDP counselors can offer you free help for all requirements related to your program. Get your appointment!

Did you know?

* Famous author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling is a University of Exeter graduate.

* There are plenty of rabbits, birds and squirrels on the university campus.

* Exeter is a very hilly city. So be ready to climb.

* You should carry an umbrella just in case.


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