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5 Useful Apps To Make Your Life Easier Abroad

You have completed the application process, which lasts for months, perhaps years, and you are ready to start your new education life. While starting a different period in your life is a new adventure in itself, experiencing this life abroad can be much more exciting and stressful. We chose 5 apps that we think will help you in this adventure.

1 - XE Currency 

By converting all currencies to other currencies of your choice, XE Currency will save you from dealing with exchange calculation while trying to adapt to your life in the new country. In addition to being able to compare several different currencies, it will also be easy to update exchange rates continuously.

2 – Dropbox

Dropbox, which you can use from your smartphone and computer, is a great application to collect all your files in a single environment. By storing all your photos and files in Dropbox, you can both save space and easily share files.

3 – Grammarly

It may be difficult at first to use a language other than your mother tongue in all areas of daily life, especially in your academic life. Grammarly allows you to see all the mistakes you made while writing in English. With this application, you can check what you have written until you have mastered the language, correct your mistake with the click of a button in your thesis and articles, and thus learn the correct way. You can use the application on your phone and computer.

4 -

Trying to find your destination in a city that you have not been before can be a bit complicated. In this case, your phone will be the biggest savior. When you specify only the point you want to go with the map application, it shows you all the public transportation vehicles and creates the walking route. Standing out with its offline application, will be your biggest assistant while exploring your new city.

5 – Epicurious

Let's assume that even though it is fun to try tastes that you have not known before, nothing will replace mother's meals. An application that will save you when you are tired of eating order food from outside: Epicurious. Epicurious, a recipe application, helps you cook with ingredients that you have. If you wish, you can choose from thousands of recipes and make yourself a feast.

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