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Ways to learn faster

Don’t let the header fool you. The method that will teach you exam subjects that you have no knowledge or interest in on the night before your exam has not been invented yet. But there is so much to learn, so little time to make it permanent that knowledge. That’s why, we’ve complied methods that will help you keep your mind open to learning new things. 

1 – Do mind exercises

Just like a person who doesn’t exercise regularly cannot finish the marathon, you cannot force your brain to learn fast without regular mind exercises. Regularly train your mind with numbers, rhymes, riddles and puzzles. In fact, warm up your brain muscles before your learning session like a warm-up before running. The internet is full of apps. Download apps that let you mind exercises and play them in your free time. 

2 – Have an agenda

Planning your education and study times will increase your focus as well as help you organize your goals and reduce your stress level. It may not be possible to plan every moment of your life but at least timing the topics that you will learn will make you less tired and more organized.

3 – Use multiple learning methods

Some people may learn by writing, some people learn by reading, some people learn by practising… You may have tried all these learning methods and found your favourite but using different methods will help you address the subject you want to learn from different angles and will help you set the knowledge better in your mind. 

4 – Put your learning into practice

As we said before, our mind also needs exercise. Most important method for us to improve ourselves on the subject we learn or to make better sense of it is to practice it. So, you can turn your practice into a skill that can be added to your list, or better yet, to your resume. 

5 – Avoid multitasking 

Doing different things at the same time causes your mind and your learning process interrupted. Therefore, it is useful to focus on the things that need to be done one by one and do them on bye one. 

6 – Test and reward yourself

Testing yourself will help you better outline the subject you are trying to learn and make it permanent. After doing this, reward yourself and simply just be happy! The feeling of accomplishment and the reward you give yourself will motivate you to do more. 

7 – Take regular breaks without leaving the last moment

Trying to learn all the subjects the night before the exam day may help you to save the day, but not your learning. Divide the subjects and take time to learn. Create reminders for yourself to avoid leaving the last moment. Work regularly with short breaks. 

8 – Teach others what you have learned 

If you can’t find anyone, you can try teaching yourself the subject that you learned in front of the mirror or on your phone’s front camera as if you are lecturing. If that also sounds boring to you, you can try to translate what you’ve learned into a different language in your own words. In this way, you can both improve your language and make it permanent. 

9 – Pay attention to your surrounding of your study area

Keep your surrounding tidy and prepare yourself to study. If you get tired of this, feel free to change your environment once in a while. You can try to study in a café or in a different room in your home. 

10 – Trick your mind, even if you don’t like the subject, like it

Even fake smiling releases the serotonin in your body and motivate you emotionally; so there is not a reason for you to not deceive yourself into loving to study. Create a system that you can have fun on the subject. Also, you can try to overcome this by studying with your friends as well.

Now you know how to train your mind to learn faster. By studying abroad with IDP Turkey, you can improve this ability in a world’s best education countries. Fill out a form or contact via Whatsapp!

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