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What Can You Do With Business Degree?

Department of Business continues to be popular due to its versatile career opportunities for students. It includes goals such as establishing a business, understanding and managing working styles. It has a curriculum in economics, accounting, statistics, finance, marketing, human resources and management.

It is necessary to consider that it is such a versatile course and at the same time offers a lot of business opportunity, but the fact that the Business Department is so versatile will require advanced study and expertise for some business areas.

What are the Fields to Work with a Business Degree?

A business degree is a field with many opportunities that can be encountered in both the public and private sectors. They can work in positions such as accounting, accountant, human resources, business or business operations officer, manager and executive assistant.

If we need to take a sectoral approach, those who want to work in the public sector can take a place in central and public banks, in areas such as the ministry of treasury and finance, with certain examinations. In the private sector, they can find a place for themselves in real estate, technology, education, health and many other fields.

Professional Fields After Business Degree

These areas will require you to further progress and proceed in your career with the expertise you can gain with both work experience and master education after your business education. These areas of specialization, such as Finance Consultant, Business Professor, Management, will be the ones you need to work on in order to gain the necessary expertise.

The best universities offering business education abroad

You can find many institutions that offer education in Business and Management at home or abroad, but there are many factors you can consider to decide which of them will be the best for you. These can be added to the list as your educational GPA, university rankings, your IELTS score - if you are considering studying abroad, your budget and your future goals.

IDP Turkey's expert advisors support you to choose the universities that best suit your career goals from more than 700 educational institutions in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and the USA.

Below, we have listed some of the best universities in the Business Department according to Times Higher Education 2021:



Best Business Schools in Australia


Times Higher Education Rankings 2021

Best Business Schools in the UK

Times Higher Education Rankings 2021

Best Business Schools in Canada

Times Higher Education Rankings 2021

University of Melbourne


University of Warwick


University of British Columbia


The University of Queensland


University of Edinburgh


University of Toronto


Australian National University


University of Sussex


University of Alberta


UNSW Sydney


University of Surrey


McGill University


Queensland University of Tech


University of Leeds



York University



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