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Don't Miss the Latest News About Study Abroad

Are you an international student who wants to study abroad? Unsure of where to get the latest news and up-to-date information to help you on your educational journey? So, by subscribing to the newsletters of Hotcourses Turkey, you can get the best tips and advice from international education experts.

What is Hotcourses Turkey? 

Hotcourses Turkey is a platform that enables students who want to study abroad to find universities and programs in the country they want. The site, which is affiliated with Hotcourses International, is also part of the IDP Connect. If you are planning to study abroad, Hotcourses Turkey offers useful content about countries, universities, departments, entry requirements, accommodation, visa, scholarship options or career opportunities.

What to learn from students newsletters? 

If you want to study abroad, it is important to check out the newsletters that will keep you up to date with the latest news. Hotcourses Turkey provides the latest news from many countries and universities around the world in one roof. Thus, if you have not decided on the country or university you will study, you can learn the latest updates by browsing the news, and you can choose the best one for yourself.

What topics do the newsletters cover?

As an international student, it is important to receive updates from universities and the latest news about studying abroad. Many sectors, especially education, came to a standstill, especially with the coronavirus pandemic that spread rapidly around the world. This affected students who want to study abroad the most.

Hereof, tips and guides await you, where you can learn about Hotcourses Turkey's current and comprehensive analysis of the international student experience. So, on what subjects will you get information?

  • Latest news

Would you like to access the latest news from countries, governments and universities where you can study abroad in one place? From the travel measures of countries such as Australia, Canada, America or England to the return of international students, from visa policies to grant programs, Hotcourses Turkey offers you a great newsletter with international student news.

  • International students and online education support

2020 is a year for international students that they have never encountered before and radical changes have been experienced in the education sector. The closure of universities, the introduction of travel restrictions, and finally the transition to online education to eliminate student grievances are just a few of them. During this times, most students continued to remain positive about academic expectations until online education was introduced. However, the uncertainties experienced with the closure of the schools and the subsequent chaos caused by the coronavirus brought along an anxious process for the students.

Fortunately, while most universities relaxed students with digital solutions during this period, the transition to online education did not take long. Accordingly, it is predicted that by 2021, in many countries, especially in the United States and England, distance learning will continue first for those who plan to apply to a university, and according to the course of the pandemic, education will continue face-to-face, that is, on campus. Surveys have shown that some students are abstaining about online education, while others are quite satisfied with the fact that the costs have been reduced by half.

  • Suggestions and guidance during Covid-19

Hotcourses Turkey offers full support to international students in the coronavirus days. You can now register for the newsletters here, where you will be informed about the latest news regarding the pandemic. At the same time, many articles on the site gives information about the impact of coronavirus on students and education.

If you have not yet made your decision about university and department for the new academic year, use the matching tool that brings you the right program. Within a few minutes you can achieve excellent results and contact with schools.

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