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IDP Computer-delivered IELTS in Google Reviews

See what others are saying about computer-delivered IELTS.

Ahmet G.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

IDP IELTS thinks us more than us and find solutions to your problems immediately.

Onat Ö.

IDP Ankara

They are very systematic and working properly. They also do their best to avoid making you victimized.

Volkan Ö.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

As someone who took the CDIELTS exam today, I definitely recommend IDP. The exam center is 5 minutes from Taksim square. within walking distance. Transportation is very easy. If you arrive early in the exam center, there is also a Kahve Dünyası at the entrance of the building. Test center staff is very helpful, I am surprised when I consider the careless attitude of the other company. If I talk about exam; it started with speaking, examiner was friendly and wonderful. It does not try to put you under pressure, it even jokes for you to relax and it is free to laugh)) It does not have the mood to make you want to go, as it is known in the other company. Nothing to mention other parts of the exam, classic IELTS. It is an advantage to take Listening test with headphones, though it was not necessary for me, the test centre was on the 6th floor and it was officially as quiet as the library)) If you are a smoker, nobody will say that you cannot go out, this is the most important for me. Other company did not allow me to leave even they let you in 1 hour before the exam. I don’t know what happens with the test result, but thanks to all IDP staff who helped me complete the exam without having the stress)

Cagatay E.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

Istanbul IDP IELTS test centre located in a very central location. It’s in Taksim, Elmadağ. There is a Kahve Dünyası right next to it. A very nice place for waiting for companion. My daughter took the exam. She was very pleased with the exam environment. The staff who meet us are polite, professional and helpful. According to my daughter, the examiners were in a very friendly and comforting approach. In the background, we received an instant response to all our correspondence on the subject. We even used our right to postpone the exam once due to illness. Everything was handled extremely smoothly. Thanks to IDP IELTS Istanbul.

Sibel Y.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

I can say that it was a much more comfortable place compared to the others in terms of transportation and exam environment, the rooms were spacious and the staff was trying to help even if nonsense was asked. I understood that I made the best decision by entering the CDIELTS because I almost felt like I was studying at home. I was very comfortable. Also, the examiner make me feel like it was a conversation, not like an exam. She was very friendly.

Asif D.

IDP Ankara

The highest level of professionalism and keen dedication make IDP Turkey not only the besr possible choice, but also reliable counterpart with outstanding achievements. Personally, I am glad to cooperate with this organization.

Yağmur T.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

IDP IELTS test center was very comfortable, staff were friendly and helpful, I liked their attitude. While you are a bit stressed before the exam, it is so relaxing to encounter with smiling staff. Thank you so much. Also, if anyone doubts, I definitely suggest taking the computer based IELTS with headphones.

Eren O.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

Your team is truly enviable and professionals. I had chosen another company at first, but all my remaining choices were on the IDP side, it seems that my preference is correct, luckily, you are there, luckily you are here.

Oktay S.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

Since the exam center is located in the city centre, I didn’t have any problems about transportation. When I phoned to get directions a few days before the exam date, the people in charge helped me a lot. Thanks, they made such an address description that I found it as if I put it in my hand. The exam environment was very comfortable. I was concerned that there might be noise due to its central location, but it was not. The authorities had already taken the necessary measures regarding the test settings. The staff were very helpful before and after the exam with every thing I was wondering. Thank you very much to IDP Education & IELTS Testing Center.

Kemal K.

IDP Ankara

Thanks for your help and interest. Employees were very helpful and kind people. Especially, they give importance to candidates requests. Keep it up!

Mustafa A.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

The exam center is very comfortable and the Staff was very friendly. Coffee, tea and water are available. Also, bathrooms are very clean. There are also lockers that you can leave your belongings with peace of mind. Beyond an exam center.

Cumhur Özcan K.

IDP Ankara

Friendly, warm and helpful staff. They provided assistance in any subject I wanted to be informed. I attended Cd-Ielts trial on Monday and it was very satisfying. Quality organization.

Ferit A.

IDP Kadıköy - İstanbul

I took Ielts exam at IDP kadikoy test center. Testing venue was very comfortable easy to find. staff was very helpful and friendly.

Kerimcan Z.

IDP Ankara

All Ankara office stuff were polite and helpful. Thank you for your work ethic.

Mert E.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

You can choose an institution that provides service with its friendly staff and warm-hearted examiners with peace of mind.

Varol A.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

The staff is very kind.

Ibrahim Alper K.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

The team was very interested and was a smooth test.


Fulya E.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

I’m very satisfied with the service. They are extremely interested.

alen ç.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

Staff is very good people and they always help you and most importantly they are friendly.

Khaled E.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

The centre os one of the best i ever been to . Its very clean , organised, stuff are so friendly that would make you feel comfortable before and during ur exam . They take care of very fine details to make it as smooth as possible , they even provide ear plugs for people who need extra concentration . Whenever you send an email they respond directly same day if not same hour . You know you are lucky if you get to meet Sevel Sir such a decent person . Thanks again for all ur noticeable effort to make that place one of the best.

Anıl H.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

People working here, are really kind and helpful. Thanks for everything.

Gokcen A.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

I had no problems, thank you.

Eyup U.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

Qualified and experienced institution.

Burak A.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

IDP is an institution that does their job really professionally, if you have a plan to take IELTS, I would definitely recommend IDP.

yusuf a.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

Best organization to conduct IELTS in Turkey. Clearly wins. Especially examiners are really positive in speaking part unlike other places. Thanks IDP.

sezen d.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

Staff is very helpful. You never get stressed while waiting for the test. The equipment used in the test is also have good quality. Transportation is convenient since the exam place is very central.

Cemalettin ö.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

It’s a professional institution and their staff is focused on solutions to any problem. Thank you for everything. I hope I do not have to take the test again :) but if I do, I will prefer here

Sheikh Mohammad M.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

I would like to say that the IDP people in Istanbul Center are great because firstly they are very polite and modest in behave and secondly take my issue with great care and responded promptly and finally solved within the time frame.

Diolindo L.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

The exam center has an adequate environment for the CDIELTS and the staff working there are very helpful and friendly

cristina p.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

I recommend computer delivered IELTS instead of paper based. Everyone was friendly and understanding. I am very satisfied. 

Sinem Ş.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

I took all my test with IDP because I am very satisfied with their services. Also, they are open to all kinds of help and ease of communication. It is great that they has started conducting CDIELTS.  help you.

Oğulcan T.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

I took CDIELTS. Got the results immediately in a few days. It’s easy to arrive to test centre. Staff / examiners are interested and friendly.

Yakup M.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

It was a warm and friendly atmosphere there!

Kübra C.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

I took CDIELTS. The staff was very sweet and helpful. The test process was very comfortable, it was a great advantage that headphones were given, the seats were comfortable, I felt like I was doing a test at home. The results arrived within 5 business days, even though they said within 5-7 business days. Overall I was satisfied.

Abdulkadir Y.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

I completed my IELTS Academic test seamlessly in a highly professional environment. For those who are also worried about speaking test can be comfortable. The exam is held in the presence of very friendly and understandable examiners. In addition, since it was computer delivered IELTS, it was announced online within 4 days and my official result document was sent to my home address without any problem.

Sümeyra H.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

Very friendly, helpful team. Thank you.

cem c.

IDP Taksim - İstanbul

Right place to take IELTS. I took the exam twice and I didn’t have any problem about organization and evaluation.

Mithat Ç.

IDP Ankara

I would like to thank IDP IELTS ANKARA Office staff, especially Ms. Betül, for her problem-solving, convenience attitude.

orhan t.

IDP Ankara

I would like to thank IDP IELTS ANKARA Office staff, especially Ms. Betül, for their outstanding efforts and devotion.

Pempe T.

IDP Ankara

IIdp ielts ankara office staff and especially Ms. Betül make a lot of effort to solve problems and support. Thank you.

Hahs K.

IDP Ankara

Friendly and helpful staff. I would recommend it to everyone.

Diana Y.

IDP Ankara

Wonderful team, thank you IDP!

Yasmin M.

IDP Ankara

Staff is really helpful and friendly. The test environment is also very comfortable. Thank you all for your help.


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