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Why take IELTS with IDP?

IDP is a proud co-owner of the IELTS test and delivers the test through our network of custom built test centres.

Here are the reasons why you should take your CD-IELTS test with IDP Turkey:

We’re always here to help

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to ensure our candidates have the best possible experience when taking their IELTS test with us. Our team of IELTS experts are ready to help with any questions that you have

Hear the difference

Only at IDP Turkey, we offer infrared headphones for the Listening test. They offer high audio quality and the flexibility to adjust the volume and strap at your own convenience.

Be better prepared

IDP offers a comprehensive range of low cost and free IELTS preparation materials to support you as you study for the test. Check them out here!

Free late registration chance

Do you need to take an exam immediately? Just contact us! We can help you without extra fees.

Computer based IELTS

If you want to have your exam results in less time or if you just want to take an exam whenever you want, IDP IELTS offers you computer based IELTS. You can have your results in 3-7 days and you can take an exam 3 times in a day (morning, noon or evening), 6 days in a week. 

Check your results

We give you the option to receive your test results via SMS or through our secure online portal.

Your IDP counsellor can help with any IELTS questions that you have and help you to book your test.

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