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Protect yourself with insurance

When you arrive in the United States, it’s a good idea to get yourself sorted with insurance. Be sure to shop around to find the best policy to suit your needs.

Health insurance

Uluslararası öğrenciler için özel sigorta koşulları yoktur. Ancak pek çok durumda, size gereken poliçe kapsamının temel düzeyini kurumunuz belirler. Okulunuz ya da kolejinizin özel sigorta koşulları yoksa siz kendi kapsam düzeyinizi belirlemelisiniz, aksi halde tıbbi yardım gerektiğinde yetersiz bir poliçe yüzünden ciddi rakamlar ödemek zorunda kalabilirsiniz.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance policies differ, depending on the type of cover you need. A typical travel insurance policy covers lost or stolen possessions, and medical care.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance, also known as Student Property Insurance or Dorm Insurance in the U.S., covers your belongings against loss or damage caused by theft, fire, vandalism, storms, floods and burst pipes. Most policies set limits on the size of any claims, so make sure the limits cover your valuables.

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Health and support services

Moving to a new country isn’t an easy task. If you find yourself struggling to adjust, feeling isolated, or feel someone has treated you unfairly, support services are available.


Money and living expenses

Your day-to-day living expenses will vary depending on what state or city you live in. Learn how to make the most of your money while you study in the US.

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