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Language Schools in United States

The USA is a country of great diversity and choice. From tropical Hawaii to the temperate north-east it boasts a stunning array of quality institutions; from liberal arts colleges on an intimate scale to huge state campuses, leading research-driven universities and language schools.

Why USA?

There is an education experience that is right for most international students. More international students study in the USA than any other country, and for good reason. While the country has many of the world’s top institutions, there are also 4,500 universities and colleges offering an education that can lead to career success. 

Also, there are many language school options for those who want to learn language or improve their English skills among different cultures.

There is no requirement to go to a language school in the United States. Considering the location of the country, getting a visa and improving your language skills, the duration of your education should be minimum 3 months. 

Although language schools are located in every part of the country, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Los Angeles and Miami are the most preferred cities by students. Considering the social life, public transportations and living expenses in the city you will study will make it easier for you to calculate your budget during your stay. You can develop your language skills freely by coexisting with different cultures.

What services does IDP offer?

IDP continue to support its students in all processes before and after going abroad. With IDP's experienced counselor team, you can take advice frrom our counselors to find the language school that fits best to your budget and education. We also provide free support for registration, accommodation and visa procedures. You can always contact IDP leaving the country for your education.

Start your journey now by visiting our offices in Istanbul and Ankara or by contacting our counselors online!

For detailed information, you can fill out an information request form. 

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Why Study in USA?

More international students study in the US than in any other country in the world. At the moment, there are more than one million. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

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