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Bizi arayın: +90 212 245 15 88 | WhatsApp: +90 535 0 184 184

St Paul's School

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St Paul’s School is a student-centred Anglican community preparing balanced global citizens with a heart for servant leadership. Their vision is to be leaders in education thinking and practice.St Paul’s is a Pre-Prep to Year 12 Anglican school with a vision to be leaders in educational thinking and practice. They equip young people for an uncertain future by providing an education worth having.The Anglican Schools Commission Queensland provides strategic oversight of St Paul’s School, ensuring the School operates in alignment with the ethos of the Anglican Church of Queensland.

St Paul’s School welcomes students from across the globe for long-term and short term periods. St Paul’s boasts a strong academic record, a beautiful campus and a caring community.At St Paul’s School ,their purpose is to prepare resilient, agile global citizens with an entrepreneurial mindset, spirit for innovation and heart for servant leadership.St Paul’s school is co-educational and currently enrols both boys and girls from Pre-Prep to Year 12. Enrolment applications are welcome for all year levels.The main entry points for students at St Paul’s School are-Pre-Prep,Year 4,Year 7 and Year 10.Applications for other year levels can be considered.

Everything from chess, to dance, to debating to the Duke of Edinburgh award is available for St Paul’s students to participate in. Whatever your child’s strengths and interests, St Paul’s has a way to maximise their potential.St Paul’s School is committed to influencing the education debate and improving educational practices in Schools across Australia and the world.They invite you to learn about staff appraisal, our Learning Realms, teaching professional development, as well as unique approaches to entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.St Paul’s has pioneered unique teaching and learning pedagogies aimed at delivering exceptional educational practices across our School.

St Paul’s School is located on one 50 hectare campus on the east bank of the South Pine River at Bald Hills, on the northern outskirts of Brisbane, Queensland. Their elevated, leafy, garden like campus is surrounded by open space and parklands.Theirlarge campus means that they can plan ahead for exciting improvements well into the future.

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-27.3142, 153.00501 34 Strathpine Road,Bald Hills,Queensland,4036 Australia
Bald Hills
En yakın şehir: Brisbane
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adres: 34 Strathpine Road, Bald Hills, Queensland, 4036 Australia

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