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YLSY (MEB) Scholarship: Universities, Cost, Requirements & Intakes

How can I get a scholarship to study abroad?

Before visiting so many companies, you may want to learn about essential scholarships for studying abroad. Along with the reasons as unstable exchange rates, increasing passport fees, study abroad expenses, even though you have adequate language skills and GPA , you may be in search of scholarship not to be overwhelmed with the life and educational costs of the country you will be going.

YLSY scholarship,provided by MEB especially for those who want to join master’s degree programs abroad, covers many things for your education and intends to increase the source of the country’s qualified people to give scholarship.

What is YLSY, MEB Scholarsip?

YLSY is an official scholarship offered by the MEB in order to choose students that will be send to abroad to study graduate degrees. The scholarship, also known as MEB scholarship, offers chances to study graduate and master degree with full scholarship at the best universities abroad. In 2017 it is announced that 824 students have qualified to be scholars for YLSY scholarship that provides you to make a selection for so many countries over the world.

What does the YLSY scholarship cover?

  • All your tuition fees abroad,
  • National and international transportation costs,
  • National and international health expenses,
  • Exam fees,
  • Stationery expenses,
  • Monthly scholarship payment

Many of your education expenses such as those are provided by this scholarship.

If you don’t have enough language score, YLSY includes a scholarship for you to learn foreign language up to 6 months.

What are the conditions to apply for YLSY scholarship?

The candidates that want to apply to scholarship can apply with their ALES scores via ÖSYM system. For application;

  • Citizen of Turkish Republic
  • Having completed 4 years of undergraduate education
  • To be under 30
  • Grade Point Average is 2.50 and above or at least 65 and above
  • To score 70 or more from ALES and retain validity period for ALES score
  • Non-military service for male candidates
  • Certain conditions are necessary, such as the health condition is sufficient to study abroad and being able to study all over Turkey.

Those who meet the requirements; given the Ales scores and bachelor gpa the candidates at advantage are invited to a verbal interview three times the number of announced placement. In the verbal exam, the candidates who have the knowledge of the field,whose communication skills are powerful, who are open to scientific developments and prone to academic studies are evaluated by the commission.

After the verbal interview, candidates can select from utmost 30 institutions that they will study abroad via ÖSYM system when YLSY score is 70 or above which is calculated with the verbal exam score and 40% of  ALES score and also 20% of remaining of gpas.

Language proficiency is not required when determining candidates for receiving the scholarship. If the candidates who are eligible to receive a YLSY scholarship don’t have adequate language proficiency, it is provided that they can get language education for 12 months at the universities in Turkey or if necessary they can get language education at the institutions which are chosen by MEB for utmost 6 months.

Where can you study?

You can study nearly everywhere over the world as part of the scholarship. England, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Canada, ABD, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Poland, Italy and so many countries are part of the agreement. Countries where candidates can study according to their programmes are published each year in YLSY manuals. 

The following universities will be preferred by the winners of the YLSY scholarship:

  1. Times Higher Education
  2. Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai)
  3. QS World University Rankings-Top Universities
  4. University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP)

in at least one of the lists, the top 500 must be included in the general or department rankings over the past three years. 

What should you pay attention when choosing the country you will study at?

Although the countries you can select are determined by MEB and listed in the YLSY manuals, there are so many details to help you make the essential choice that will effect your education and experience abroad.

Which country gives you more opportunities and benefits to study the course you want? For example, if you are interested in mining engineering instead of studying graduate degree in England,it would be more beneficial for you to study it in Australia.

Although the college or program you will study must be among the top 500 in the rankings, collages at the top of the ranking may want a higher grade average point. Please note that you must provide the required gpa for the program you will apply.

Aside from grade average, the program you want to apply also wants work experience from you. For example, programs like MBA usually want work experience. In the countries you want to go, you can also review the contents of any programmes.

You also have to control the conditions of admission of the universities of the countries you will go. The universities may want some exams as Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) from you for admission progress.

In case of language education, you should also check if your language score is enough for the program you choose. You should control that which exams like IELTS, TOEFL are accepted especially for English and if the language score meets the conditions of the program. If not then you should search for language schools or check that if the collages you want to apply provide you any opportunities for language education. 

What does IDP Education provide for Overseas Education Consultancy?

IDP Education provides you free overseas education consultancy service and supports you for many things like your applications, visa procedures, visa and passport appointments, SOP and registration progresses especially at the countries as Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, ABD and Canada.

Our expert counsellors search for the conditions of the course you want to choose, and help you to communicate with the collage and to send the correct documents by making application with your request. The private consulting service helps you to apply fast by providing open admission colleges’ choices. 

It carries out orientations at the countries you will go and has an expert network for you to reach when you have questions. It always supports you and shares experiences with you until the graduation day. It helps you to get information from the first hand by bringing the university representatives to the office events. It helps you to get used to your new environment because it is a part of big and dynamic network.

Processes such as collecting the documents for your visa applications and arranging an appointment can be confusing for you. By bringing these documents together, expert counsellors both buy you time for the visa issue and also help you to apply the correct visa type with the correct documentation.

In addition, IDP, one of the partners of IELTS exam,sets place for you on exam days and gives you preparation packages to prepare easily. If you want to learn languages abroad before taking the exam, it offers you packages of language schools abroad.

You can fill the form on the right of the page to learn more and take advantage of IDP’s opportunities, send mails to, and reach us from WhatsApp or call us.

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