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Career Pathways for International Students Studying Abroad

Setting up international students for global careers

It’s every university’s responsibility to prepare students for the world of employment. However, if you’re nearing graduation and still wondering whether you can make it in the global workforce, here are some quick tips to help you gain an edge over your competitors!

Tap into your school’s career support centre

Most institutions have career placement offices, offering a wide range of services to guide students in achieving their career goals. Here, you can gain: a first-hand understanding of what employers within your industry are looking for, helpful tips to assist you during the application process, and of course, job listings suitable to your preferences. The career support centre is also the perfect destination for you to explore your options during your study or figure out which courses you need to take to meet your goals.

Build your teamwork skills

Almost every job you apply for will require you to work with others to achieve a common goal. Teamwork and collaboration skills are highly sought-after in today’s workforce and employers actively seek candidates who can effectively work within a team, understand project management of the team, and meet deadlines on a budget that satisfiy all members of the team. You can quickly develop these important skills by actively participating in team projects, sports, or volunteer work. Joining extracurricular activities can also help improve these skills, as well as develop your interpersonal communication skills.

Increase your knowledge in your chosen discipline

Repetition and studying can help you develop your full potential, which may also help open doors once you have finished your studies. This doesn’t have to be costly, though. You can start by giving up some time on your school holidays or semester breaks and participating in some extra reading and preparation for your upcoming courses. Anything from extra reading at the library, to watching online tutorials, or even applying for summer internships could help you gain an edge in your chosen industry.

Attend workshops and seminars

Finally, you can contact your institution’s student support services to find out about any seminars or information workshops that may be coming up. Attending these events gives you access to the best practices across the globe that you can use to boost your career prospects. These are also excellent places to be exposed to specialised facilities which may not otherwise be available on campus. Additionally, learning directly from industry experts and experienced educators will give you a leg up on other prospective applicants in the future.

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