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UniLodge Student Accommodation in Australia

With a safe and convenient home close to some of Australia’s best Unis, students can live at UniLodge with confidence. Our mission is to help students thrive and get the most from their time in Australia. With over 70 properties around Australia, UniLodge has more student accommodation to offer in the best locations.

We provide everything you need to live independently and concentrate on what’s most important. You can choose full-service on campus accommodation or purpose-built accommodation within easy walking distance to Uni. For budget conscious students, we also have affordable independent living options on offer as well.

Where there’s a Uni, there’s a UniLodge.

Our residents come from all walks of life, from all around the world. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the culture, or be close to campus, the choice is yours. Wherever you choose, we can guarantee your life will be made easy thanks to the comfort, facilities and convenient locations of our modern student accommodation.

With UniLodge, you can live from the heart of anywhere you choose. You can make friends from the heart, study from the heart, explore from the heart, and rest easy in a world of new adventures. And it’s what we do from the heart that sets us apart. The physical and emotional wellbeing of all our residents is of the utmost importance to our fully-trained staff. With security, safety, convenience and support, students are free to focus on expanding their horizons. We offer advice on finding academic support, and we’re always on hand to make sure residents are healthy and happy.

Our Residential Life Program helps students integrate into their new lifestyle. It gives you the opportunity to make new friends, explore your surroundings like a local, and quickly settle in to your new home. It also makes sure you always have a support network of staff and fellow residents to count on.

Here are some of the facilities you can enjoy.

  • Studio, one-bedroom or shared apartments
  • Self-contained with kitchen and bathroom
  • Quiet study spaces
  • Onsite gyms and fitness classes
  • Communal kitchens and dining areas
  • Access to laundry services
  • Swimming pools and sun decks
  • Courtyards, BBQ facilities, lounges, theatre rooms and games rooms
  • Security cameras and swipe-card access

These will vary from property to property so please check the individual listings for more details.

To explore our properties, visit UniLodge now.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

 الخطوات التالية

متطلبات التأشيرة للدراسة في أستراليا

يتوقف نوع التأشيرة التي ستكون بحاجة إليها على نوع الدراسة التي تريدها، والمدة التي ترغب في البقاء فيها في أستراليا. يمكنك معرفة المزيد عن كل نوع من أنواع التأشيرات من خلال الموقع الإلكتروني لوزارة الهجرة وحماية الحدود التابعة للحكومة الأسترالية.

نظام التعليم في أستراليا

إن أستراليا هي موطن لمجموعة من أفضل الجامعات الرائدة، والتي تحتل مكانتها الدائمة ضمن أفضل 100 جامعة على مستوى العالم. دعنا نستكشف نظام التعليم الأسترالي حتى نتمكن من العثور على أفضل الخيارات التي تناسبك.

ببرجاء اختيار مستوى الدراسة

اقم بإدخال المادة، اختر من القائمة أو انقر للبحث

  • اابدأ في الكتابة، واختر من القائمة أو انقر للبحث

  • اقم بإدخال المادة، اختر من القائمة أو انقر للبحث

برجاء كتابة واختيار اسم المؤسسة

  • اكتب 3 حروف من اسم الجامعة واختر من القائمة

  • اكتب اسم الجامعة أو المدرسة واختر من القائمة