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Your Guide to Study in Quebec

Explore all about studying in Quebec & its multicultural spirit

Do you seek to study at a top university in Quebec? Well, Quebec gives you the French experience in a cosmopolitan North American English-speaking country like Canada. With all of its picturesque landscapes, cultural cacophony, quality of life and international exposure, it’s one province that’s bound to give you the best student experience you can imagine.

Benefits of studying in Quebec

Quebec is globally known among international students for its excellent quality of education, affordable tuition fees and living costs, as well as its shorter programs. That’s beside many other benefits such as:

  1. The popular Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) makes the province a favourable destination amongst international students because it allows them to apply for permanent residence from within Quebec, after completing a period of approved studies.
  2. Institutions in Quebec offer affordable tuition fee, which often turn out to be more economical than other provinces in Canada.
  3. The overall cost of living in Quebec is generally the lowest in Canada.
  4. You can choose from a wide range of programs delivered in English and French.
  5. The province is beautiful – you’re exposed to an utterly unfathomable confluence of the French and Canadian lifestyle. You experience the untouched natural beauty and the extraordinarily attractive French colonies along with the urban setup of modern architecture and multinational ways of working.
  6. The cultural scene in Quebec is extravagant – you’ll witness a variety of carnivals, fests, events, art exhibitions and more!
  7. It offers post-study rights to graduates of both public and private institutions.
  8. The best part – Quebec is known for offering bachelor’s degrees designed to be completed in 3 years only.

What are the popular universities in Quebec?

Universities and colleges in Quebec are globally recognised and renowned for their education. In fact, two of the “Group of 13” universities are located in Quebec namely; McGill University and Universite de Montreal. On the other hand, Laval University, Universite du Quebec, HEC Montreal, Concordia University and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal are some other distinguished educational establishments in the province.

How to apply for Quebec study permit?

The visa procedure for Quebec is a little bit different from Canada. The primary conditions to avail a student visa include:

  1. Securing admission in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Quebec. Remember, each institution has their own admission criteria, so choose wisely.
  2. Acquiring a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), which is a document issued by the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion in Quebec. This document is an evidence that you’ve been accepted as an international student.
  3. You’ve to provide a proof for your financial capacity. This implies that you’ve enough funds to pay your tuition fees and can manage your living expenses.

You can apply to the study permit only after you’ve been granted a CAQ. It’s mandatory to have a medical insurance during the entire duration of your program in Quebec, the charges for which vary as per the insurance provider.

Let your IDP certified education counsellors guide and support you with the student visa process. And also refer to Canada Citizen and Immigration website to know more about the study permit.

What are the accommodation options for international students in Quebec?

As an international student, it’s best to connect with your institution to know the best available on-campus and off-campus accommodation options. In Quebec, you’ll find a variety of accommodation including:

Dorms or townhouses Off-campus accommodation
Falling under the category of student residences, dormitories are a great housing option on campus and accommodate large numbers of students at once. Townhouses are comparatively smaller, detached houses that accommodate typically three to six students in each. This is a good option if you want to a single room or rent a place with your friends. These come in cheap and are easily available close to your own campus.
Homestays Furnished/unfurnished apartments
Works well if you’re living alone for the first time. Staying with a family is safe and affordable option, while you also get to experience Canadian hospitality and culture in a more personal manner. You’re still looking for a permanent place to stay, furnished or unfurnished apartments are a good option to look for a temporary basis.

Speak with IDP Education counsellor today to find the latest information about admission requirements for your program and secure your place at your dream university!

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