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Best USA Universities in QS Ranking

Discover the best US universities in the 2021 QS World University Rankings

When considering the best US universities to study at, it’s crucial that you also look at the world university rankings such as the QS World University Rankings. This helps you compare and understand where a university ranks and how far does it excel compared to other global universities.

What is the QS World University Ranking?

The QS system ranks universities as per their global standing, and subject-wise (which includes 48 different subjects and five faculty areas) along with five regional tables.

It considers the university’s reputation among other universities (40%), employers (10%), student-teacher ratio (20%), citations-academic staff ratio (20%) and international outlook including students and staff (10%) for its compilation of top universities in the world.

What are the top 10 universities in USA?

The top 10 universities in the USA according to QS World University Rakings 2021 are as follows:

QS World Ranking Institution
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2 Stanford University
3 Harvard University
4 California Institute of Technology (CalTech)
9 University of Chicago
12 Princeton University
16 University of Pennsylvania
17 Yale University
18 Cornell University
19 Columbia University

Source: QS World University Rakings 2021


Is QS World University Ranking reliable?

The QS has an Intelligence Unit which is responsible for compiling the rankings. This unit states annually that thousands of academic respondents contribute to the reliability of their annual academic results.

Moreover, according to the Guardian, independent academic reviews have confirmed that QS results are over 99% reliable.

Why USA is best for education?

Pursuing a degree in the USA is a dream for thousands of students across the world. With renowned faculty, exceptional learning atmosphere, world-class amenities and facilities, USA has been an ideal destination for higher studies.

The structures of American courses and degrees give an added advantage to the students to get through their dream careers.

How to choose the right university in USA?

With over 1,700 American universities offering varied programs, selecting one is not an easy task. Here are a few basic factors that can be considered:

  • Academic reputation
  • Tuition fee
  • University requirements
  • Placement record
  • Location
  • Scholarships
  • Research excellence
  • International student support

Launch your dream of studying in USA with the support of our experts. Get in touch with your IDP certified education counsellors who can guide you to choose the best university for you!

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