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A general misconception among those that are deciding to study overseas is that there are no scholarship opportunities available for international students or you are not qualified enough for such scholarship. This is not true. Governments and universities around the world value high performing students and have many scholarship programs designed to attract the world’s best and brightest to undertake study in their country. Contact IDP counsellors today, so you can be guided through the application process and seek for the best scholarship opportunity for you.

Explore scholarship opportunities

There are numerous government and university-specific scholarships designed to attract high performing students for TAFE, Bachelor, Master and PHD programs . Whether you want to study a Bechelor degree in Australia or US, or want to do an PHD degree in UK, Canada or New Zealand, you will always have an opportunity to earn an appropriate scholarship.

Scholarships in Australia

The Australian Government has a large scholarship program for international students and invests some $200 million dollars per year in programs at universities and other tertiary institutions around the country. Many of the country’s top institutions including The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, and the Australian National University (ANU) offer scholarships to study in Australia with added extras, like health cover.

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Scholarship in USA

Hundreds of scholarships and bursaries cover between 10% - 50% of tuition fee from top 200 US universities and colleges are available for international students.

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Scholarships in the UK

There are many programs in the UK designed to equip students with the skills to make a difference in their own county. As well as numerous development scholarships open to students from developing countries, the UK Government’s Commonwealth Scholarship is designed to help individuals in Commonwealth countries, such as Singapore, to undertake postgraduate study.

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Scholarships in New Zealand

Many of New Zealand’s scholarships are focused on enabling students from the Pacific and ASEAN region to access their universities. The government has a number of programs designed to assist international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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