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Step-by-step guide to studying overseas

With 50 years’ experience and more than 450,000 successful student placements around the world, IDP knows what it takes to find a good match and set you up for success.

1. Research

Do your research! Explore courses, universities and their locations. Sort out a wish list of your preferences and begin to work on details of each selection.

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3. Apply

After making decision on the course and university or school, you will be supported to proceed applications by your IDP counsellors. We deeply acknowledge the strictest legal and ethical compliance to follow. It is assured that you will be assisted by the most professional service and advice throughout the process.

The process doesn’t include just paperwork. Your counsellor will actively contact your chosen university or school to convey the full picture of your case and find appropriate ways to increase chances of acceptance for you. 

4. Accept your offer

After receiving your application, the university or school will need a few weeks (or longer for postgraduate applications) to complete assessment. Once they release the result, you will be notified in a short time. 

If your application is successful, you will receive an offer letter and an acceptance form. In consideration of accepting the offer, you will be assisted carefully by your counsellor to go through any condition that may be applied.  

Student visa

Now that you have accepted the offer, it’s time to apply for your student visa. We will try our best to make this step as hassle-free as possible. 

For visa application process, you will be guided precisely on necessary documents for submission. If there is any struggle, your experienced counsellor is whom you can get advice from.  

• Visa requirements for the USA

• Visa requirements for the UK

• Visa requirements for Australia

• Visa requirements for Canada 

• Visa requirements for New Zealand

5. Ready, set, go

Congratulations – your amazing journey has just started. The matters such as exchanging money, insurance, SIM cards and opening a bank account are probably popped up in your mind now. Don’t worry! You can find suggestions from either your IDP counsellor, or from pre-departure sessions throughout the year that may help you self-equipped for your student life in a new country.   

Find out more about our pre-departure support.


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