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California State University, Los Angeles

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Giới thiệu California State University, Los Angeles

Founded in 1947, their University is committed to the well-being of their city and their region and focused on becoming a powerful engine of social mobility. They are dedicated to providing an affordable, outstanding education to their students and ensuring that they leave Cal State LA with the expertise and accomplishments that will lead to further success.
At Cal State LA they believe that compassion and caring for one another are at the heart of what an education means. Cal State LA’s eight colleges are recognized for outstanding academic programs and professors who are renowned mentors and researchers. They’ve been named by Washington Monthly as one of the top ten master’s universities in the nation for their contribution to the public good. This exceptional honour is based on their graduation rates, public service by their students, and research funding that supports transformative faculty scholarship. It’s an exciting time to be at Cal State LA They have reinvented thousands of courses and programs as they move forward with an ambitious conversion from a quarter to semester calendar that will take effect in fall 2016. As part of this change, they have implemented a general education requirement that all students complete two courses that feature engagement with the surrounding multicultural neighbourhoods and the greater Los Angeles area. Civic learning and community service will be closely connected to their coursework.

The reputation Cal State L.A. enjoys as an institution of higher learning is creditable largely to the quality of the faculty and their commitment to teaching and scholarship. These men and women have earned their highest degrees from leading universities throughout the world. Their achievements in their academic fields of specialization make them eminently qualified to teach students who possess a variety of academic interests. The University is committed to free scholarly inquiry, to high-quality teaching, and to academic excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and other post-baccalaureate and extended education programs. This commitment underlies strong educational programs that are sensitive to the needs of the University's uniquely diverse student body. These programs include research, scholarship, creative activity, and community service. With the support of the administration, staff, alumni, and community, highly qualified faculty are the keystone of the University and the basis for the excellence of their programs. As a comprehensive university, California State University, Los Angeles offers a broad range of liberal and professional programs designed to encourage student excellence, achievement and wellbeing. Facilitated by close interaction between faculty and students, educational programs are designed to foster habits of disciplined inquiry and critical thinking while helping students master a body of knowledge. The University strives to promote understanding of and respect for diversity, and to serve the changing needs of a global society. Recognizing its commitment to teaching, research, scholarship, creative activities, and service, the University supports an effective library and the use of new technologies that enrich the instructional process and provide effective access to information in its various forms. The University is committed to providing students with a balanced and well-rounded educational experience including co-curricular activities that contribute to personal enrichment, leadership development, and institutional pride. Student organizations, campus residence life, artistic events, multicultural events, intercollegiate athletics, and intramurals are designed to be a significant part of this experience.

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Thành viên của Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
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34.06679, -118.16809
CSU, Main
Thành phố gần nhất: Los Angeles
Loại: Trong khuôn viên trường
Địa chỉ: 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90032 United States

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California State University, Los Angeles, United States
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