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Central Michigan University

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Giới thiệu Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University is in its second century as an institution of higher learning focused on student-centred education. Central opened its doors on September 13, 1892, as the Central Michigan Normal School and Business Institute, with classes in teaching, business and stenography. At that time, few of the state’s teachers received any formal training in teaching, so school founders made teacher training their mission in founding the state’s second normal school. Central Michigan University, an inclusive community of scholars, is a national leader in higher education inspiring excellence and innovation. At Central Michigan University, they are a community committed to the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, discovery, and creativity. They provide student-centred education and foster personal and intellectual growth to prepare students for productive careers, meaningful lives, and responsible citizenship in a global society.

To achieve their mission, they adhere to the core values of integrity, respect, compassion, inclusiveness, social responsibility, excellence and innovation. For more than 120 years, Central Michigan University has been committed to their mission of academic, personal and professional success for their students. CMU has become nationally recognized as a student-centred university that develops leadership and excellence. As you consider higher education institutions, they invite you to discover all CMU has to offer. Through applied scholarship, research and creative activities, their esteemed faculty and dedicated staff members have an uncompromising commitment to providing a preeminent student-centred learning experience to their more than 27,000 students and to actively participating in the communities they are privileged to serve. Whether you are a current student already in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, or you are a student in another country looking for a place to call home while you complete your studies, the Office of International Affairs will be with you every step of the way. It is their goal to create and foster a global partnership between their students, faculty and staff. Increasing their global student population and providing U.S. student’s international learning experiences will enrich their always growing, diverse community.

Central Michigan University is a nurturing institution that fosters the transformative power of advanced learning. From their roots as a teachers’ college, CMU has grown to offer nationally acclaimed programs in areas ranging from the health professions and engineering to business and communications. Established in 1892, Central Michigan University is among the nation’s 100 largest public universities with more than 20,000 students on its Mount Pleasant campus and another 7,000 enrolled online and at more than 40 locations across North America. CMU offers more than 200 academic programs at the undergraduate, master’s, specialist and doctoral levels .In addition, CMU has established the nation’s 137th College of Medicine to address a growing shortage of primary care physicians in Michigan. The inaugural class of 64 students began its studies in August 2013.CMU is a university where students, faculty, staff and alumni learn to pursue excellence. To live with compassion. To be leaders CMU’s objective is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and values that will prepare them to be successful once they leave their university. In addition to providing high quality instruction to students in formal classes, both in person and online, the academic division, along with other units in the university, provides many learning experiences outside the classroom.

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Thành viên của Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
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41.62544, -83.7552
Mount Pleasant
Thành phố gần nhất: Lansing
Loại: Trong khuôn viên trường
Địa chỉ: 1200 South Franklin Street, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, 48859 United States

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