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De Anza College

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De Anza was established in Cupertino on Sept. 11, 1967, as the Foothill Junior College District worked to meet local community demand for a second campus. Planning for De Anza began soon after the district’s first campus, Foothill College, launched in temporary quarters in 1958 and filled to capacity after moving in 1961 to its permanent location in Los Altos Hills. They welcome students of all ages and backgrounds and connect with them, in their range of unique circumstances, to help them fulfil their dreams. They strive to design classes and services to the needs of those they serve. They value and embrace the intellectual contributions of a diverse spectrum of people and cultures. They strive for a diverse workforce that honours the contributions of all who work here. De Anza College provides an academically rich, multicultural learning environment that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character and abilities, to realize their goals, and to be socially responsible leaders in their communities, the nation and the world. They embrace honesty, credibility, clear communication and acting on their stated values. They strive to acknowledge and address issues that may be difficult to broach. The college’s ability to fulfil its mission depends on a college community in which everyone feels included, respected and safe. In all of their many roles, they will continuously and purposefully reflect in order to innovate and improve. They work to ensure their physical space is welcoming, conducive to learning and environmentally sustainable. They are committed to being innovative in their daily work, curriculum and use of technology. They work with their students to be creative, flexible, imaginative and inventive, and to prepare to contribute to a world that will demand skills and competencies not yet in view. De Anza College is located in the city of Cupertino, California, 45 miles south of San Francisco and 6 miles from San Jose in the heart of world famous Silicon Valley. The area is home to many of the nation's leading technology corporations, such as Apple Computer, CISCO, Intel, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics and Sun microsystems. Other major companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area include Bank of America, United Airlines, Chevron Oil, Levi Strauss, and many more.

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37.31954, -122.04505
De Anza College
Thành phố gần nhất: San Francisco
Loại: Trong khuôn viên trường
Địa chỉ: 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, California, 95014 United States

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