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South Dakota State University

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Giới thiệu South Dakota State University

South Dakota State University is the state’s largest, most comprehensive higher-education institution. As South Dakota’s Morrill Act land-grant university, SDSU had a fall 2016 enrolment of 12,613 students from 49 states and 85 countries. Students can choose from 73 majors, 36 specializations, 75 minors, 33 master’s degree programs, 15 Ph.D. programs and two professional doctorates. The university also offers courses at various off-campus sites as well as undergraduate and graduate programs online through the Office of Continuing and Distance Education. As they move forward, they remain fully committed both to their historic mission and to meeting new challenges as they arise. They will continue working diligently to distinguish ourselves, striving to set the standard in today’s highly competitive world of higher education, while anticipating and planning for what tomorrow may require as well. At first glance, South Dakota State University appears to be a very different place than when I first came here in 1971. The physical campus has changed significantly. But the University’s mission as an 1862 land-grant institution remains the same: to be a beacon of opportunity, providing access to higher education, championing the creation of knowledge and understanding, and continuously expanding the University’s reach. They also recognize the continuing role the arts and humanities must play in shaping and enriching not only their own lives, but the lives of those in the places where they live. SDSU is a dynamic, thriving university that aspires to excellence. The faculty, staff, and administration at South Dakota State University are committed to students. SDSU offers a diverse academic portfolio of majors, minors, and specializations. They provide a quality education as evidenced by accredited programs, academic enrichment, and student success initiatives designed to help students transition to SDSU, find their niche and graduate on time. Throughout South Dakota and the upper Midwest, it is hard to find an atmosphere more conducive to living and learning. They welcome you to their community of learners and encourage you to become part of the SDSU family where you can dream big and achieve your goals. Their campus is home to more than 900 international students from 85 countries. They are here to help you learn more about their university and the steps to apply for admission.

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44.31895, -96.78397
Thành phố gần nhất: Sioux Falls
Loại: Trong khuôn viên trường
Địa chỉ: 1175 Medary Ave, Brookings, South Dakota, 57006 United States

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South Dakota State University, United States
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