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St. John's University

United States
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Founded in 1870, St. John's University is a Catholic and Vincentian university that prepares students for personal and professional success in today?s global society. The University is committed to serving those in need as St. Vincent de Paul did, and is committed to combating the root causes of injustice while helping to create a more equitable world. It commits to academic excellence and the pursuit of wisdom, which flows from free inquiry, religious values, and human experience.

St. John's University offers over 100 programs of study in Business, Education, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professional Studies. It also offers the accelerated three-year bachelor?s degrees, five-year bachelor?s, master?s degrees through the graduate schools, a six-year bachelor?s, J.D. through the top tier School of Law. The university has 17:1 student to faculty ratio. At St. John's, students learn from world-class, internationally recognized faculty and scholars. From innovators to entrepreneurs, faculty bring their real-world expertise directly to their students.

Research is the heart of a university education. Professors create knowledge that benefits society, while students learn from their instructors? expertise. The Office of Grants and Sponsored Research help researchers at St. John?s to identify and secure funding. Professors at St. John?s are teacher-practitioners, using the experience they gain in the lab and in the field to enhance their students? education. Yet their work influences the world beyond the campus, pushing the limits of medicine, technology, business, the arts, literature, virtually every endeavor that touches our lives. Since 2012, 24 St. John?s students have accepted prestigious Fulbright Scholar awards to conduct research and teach in countries around the world. Students can join the talented young men and women who have received this honor.

The Queens campus features a broad lawn, handsome stone buildings, and ultramodern student residence halls. Facilities include high-tech laboratory and classroom buildings, the main collections of 1.7 million-volume library, and a state-of-the-art athletic arena to enjoy watching BIG EAST, Division I athletic teams. The University?s campus in Manhattan is situated on the Lower East Side, one of New York City?s most vibrant centers of the arts, education, and technological innovation. St. John?s University's Long Island Graduate Center, centrally located at 120 Commerce Drive in Hauppauge, NY, offers quality graduate education programs for those enrolled in The School of Education and St. John?s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Staten Island 16.5-acre campus features rolling lawns, apartment-style student residences, and architectural styles that range from red-brick colonial to the strikingly modern. The campus is located in the residential Grymes Hill section of Staten Island, one of the five counties, or boroughs, that make up New York City.
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