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Truman State University

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Truman State University’s rich history tells the story about a place where great ideas flow and where young people become adults—a place where intellectual pursuits produce high-achieving and knowledgeable leaders who pursue lives that make a difference in the world. Originally founded as a teacher’s college, then a regional university, Truman State University has evolved into Missouri’s only public highly selective, liberal arts and sciences institution. Founded in 1867, the University has been committed to academic excellence and has espoused the belief that a strong education is the best means of preparing for a life of continuing personal growth and service. Challenging academics, compelling and supportive professors, and transformational learning experiences, along with nearly 240 student organizations, create an environment where intellectually curious students can thrive. Truman State University is here to open opportunity, promote access and social mobility, foster excellence, recognize merit, and do all things that urge their students to make they productive, free and equal. Their destination is unmoving – to offer an exemplary and affordable public residential education to well-prepared students that is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences. The Missouri Legislature gave Truman a state-wide liberal arts and sciences mission in 1985. Truman provides an outstanding liberal arts education to academically talented students from across the state of Missouri, their nation, and the world at an affordable price.

International students from all over the world study at Truman State University, a nationally ranked institution that offers personal attention and an affordable, high-quality education. Truman offers both general and conditional admission. Their mission at the Centre for International Students is to recruit a diverse and highly qualified international student population and empower them to be successful at Truman and throughout their lives.

As Missouri’s only highly selective public liberal arts and Sciences University, Truman State University offers exceptionally high-quality academic programs that prepare their students to make a difference in the world. Consistently ranked among the nation’s best colleges in publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Truman has forged a reputation as a public university that provides a private school experience at an affordable price. Truman offers undergraduate majors and minors, graduate studies and graduate certificate programs, and several pre-professional areas of study. A college small enough for professors to know their students by name, Truman encourages students to pursue questions across subject areas and to discover connections between classroom learning and the real world through research, study abroad and internships. Important life skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication, empower their graduates for success in multiple career paths throughout their lives. Truman is nationally known for its assessment program, which is designed to measure student learning and outcomes. Truman’s retention and graduation rates are consistently among the highest in the state.

Truman’s beautiful 210-acre residential campus, located in Kirksville, Missouri, blends old and new with a mix of historic and contemporary red-brick buildings that provide modern living and learning facilities. Lush green spaces like the Quad and a library filled with natural light and plenty of group study areas make campus a comfortable place to study, make new friends, and socialize. Their residence halls and campus suites are home to nearly all of their freshmen as well as a majority of their sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and practically everything students need is within walking distance of campus.

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40.18586, -92.58137
Truman, Main Campus
Thành phố gần nhất: St. Louis
Loại: Trong khuôn viên trường
Địa chỉ: 100 East Normal Avenue, Kirksville, Missouri, 63501 United States

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