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University of New Hampshire

United States
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For more than 150 years, University of New Hampshire has delivered hands-on learning, research and work experiences that bring together students, faculty and private and public partners to create life-changing opportunities and innovative solutions in its neighborhoods and across the world. Founded in 1866, the university provides opportunities that are endless.

Students can choose over 200 programs in more than 100 major fields of study at University of New Hampshire. At university, Students will have direct access to award-winning professors with a student-faculty ratio of 18:1. Here students will do work that contributes to the common good within its state, and way beyond. The majors don?t just prepare students for the world, they?re designed to empower them to change it. UNH professors have won several awards like Guggenheim, Pulitzer and National Science Foundation and are called upon by lawmakers to solve the nation's greatest challenges.

University of New Hampshire has more than 250 clubs and organizations for the student, by the student to widen their horizon of exposure. There is something for everyone. Being healthy is a way of life at the University of New Hampshire. A full array of health and wellness services, miles of campus trails and the 18,000-square-foot HRC (Hamel Rec Center), complete with bouldering wall, cycling studio and outdoor pool, all are available on one of the safest campuses in the country.

Research at the University of New Hampshire, a Carnegie Classification R1 university, seeks to understand and improve the world around, with high-impact results that transform lives, solve global challenges and drive economic growth. UNH research excellence reaches from the depths of the oceans to the edge of the solar system and the Earth and environment in which all thrive. Its research portfolio includes partnerships with NOAA, NASA, NSF and NIH, bringing in more than USD110 million in competitive external funding each year.

A classic New England college town, that?s Durham, home to UNH main residential campus. It has one of the safest and greenest campuses in the country, surrounded by incredible scenery. Experience the beauty of all four seasons while walking to class, downtown, or through the trails of the 250-acre College Woods. On weekends, students can hop a bus to the bustling artistic community of Portsmouth or the Atlantic coast, carpool with friends to the iconic White Mountains, or take the train (the station?s right on campus) to Boston.
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