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Westbourne Grammar School

关于 Westbourne Grammar School

Westbourne Grammar School was founded in 1867 by visionaries with a burning desire to provide a great education for the young people of Melbourne’s west. It’s vision is Shaping learners who inspire the world. It’s mission is to be an economically independent and vibrant community that consistently provides the highest standards of excellence and innovation in learning within a stimulating nurturing environment.

Westbourne is a school that is well managed and stable, with professionally qualified, dedicated teachers who empower their students and support them to be the best they can be. As educators, It’s shared purpose is to motivate and inspire, to communicate it’s vision, to champion and promote change in it’s classrooms and to plan for the future. It wants it’s students to understand their ability is not fixed but will develop over time when they receive good teaching and when they respond to feedback.

Westbourne Grammar School welcomes international students from many different countries around the world. It has a specialist Secondary Preparation Program (English and academic program) delivered on campus and a dedicated international team to support it’s overseas students prior to entering mainstream study. It generally accepts students for entry into Years 7-11.

Westbourne’s Senior School campus is located at Truganina in Melbourne’s west, approximately 20 kms from the CBD. It is a safe and caring environment, with the majority of students allocated to local homestay families within close proximity to the School.

-37.84989, 144.89551 67 The Strand,Newport,Victoria,3015 Australia
地址:67 The Strand, Newport, Victoria, 3015 Australia
-37.85092, 144.72538 300 Sayers Road,Truganina,Victoria,3029 Australia
地址:300 Sayers Road, Truganina, Victoria, 3029 Australia

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