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THE World University Rankings 2022
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Our counsellors and institutions answer your burning questions in less than 30 seconds

  • Answered by

    Canada College

    Which courses or study areas are in demand for Canada?
  • Answered by

    University of Ottawa

    How does your university support an environment free of discrimination and harassment?
  • Answered by

    Coventry University

    What kind of scholarships are available in the UK?
  • Answered by

    Curtin University

    What jobs can international students do in Australia?
  • Answered by

    Portland State University

    What should international students pack and bring with them to the USA?
  • Answered by

    University of Ottawa

    Do you offer online study options during COVID-19?
  • Answered by

    Canada College

    How is your university preparing students for jobs of the future?
  • Answered by

    University of Auckland

    What is the cost of living in New Zealand for international students?
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What IDP students say?

Nasra Al Jahwari

"Without your help, I doubt I would have been able to complete my application to study in Australia in such a proficient and timely manner."

Maryam Al-Aufi

"IDP helps “students find the best place where they can achieve their international education goals."

Tarik A. Al Ghafri

"I cannot express enough my gratitude, for all the services and guidance IDP Education (IDP) has provided me with."



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