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Post-study work rights extended in Australia
Study, Explore, Soar: International Education Fair 2023
Study, Explore, Soar: International Education Fair 2023
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  • Answered by

    The University of Sydney

    How will your university support me in finding a career I love?
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  • Answered by

    Manchester Metropolitan University

    What is the best city in the UK for international students?
    faq image1
  • Answered by

    Victoria University

    How many hours can I work while studying in Australia?
    faq image2
  • Answered by

    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    How long does it take to get accepted into a university in the USA?
    faq image3
  • Answered by

    IDP Education

    What does accommodation cost in Australia?
    faq image4
  • Answered by

    Anglia Ruskin University

    How many intakes do universities in the UK offer?
    faq image5
  • Answered by

    Claremont Graduate University

    What is the best city in the USA for international students?
    faq image6
  • Answered by

    IDP Education

    Can students live off-campus in the UK?
    faq image7
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What IDP students say

Kevin De Jesus, The University of Sydney (Australia)

“They have good and free services. Thanks to my IDP Counsellor for helping me with my school and visa application. Without him, I wouldn't be here in the University of Sydney.”

Maria Lourdes Ave, Fanshawe College (Canada)

“My Counselor’s guidance turned my Canadian dream into a reality. Thank you IDP for the unending support even when I’m already here.”

Buzz Bautista, University of Surrey (UK)

"For Filipinos who want to study abroad, go to IDP because they will assist you throughout the process and will answer every possible question you can throw at them."


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