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Our counsellors and institutions answer your burning questions in less than 30 seconds

  • Answered by

    Green River College

    Can international students stay in the USA after graduation?
  • Answered by

    University of Ottawa

    What is the application fee for universities and colleges in Canada?
  • Answered by

    Victoria University

    Where can I get an update on the status of my university application?
  • Answered by

    University of Brighton

    What is your favourite place on campus?
  • Answered by

    Northeastern University

    What courses or study areas do you rank highly for?
  • Answered by

    University of Winnipeg

    Can I transfer credit from my current university to another institution in Canada?
  • Answered by

    Shoreline Community College

    What part-time, casual or on-campus jobs are available at your university?
  • Answered by

    Northeastern University

    What sets apart your athletics or recreational sports?
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What IDP students say?

Cecilia Castiello

"My counsellor was extremely kind and highly informed on visa and university applications! I strongly recommend anyone to visit IDP."

Ellen Chong, Information Technology

"I got to meet people from different countries through IDP and learnt about their cultures."

Jacob & Zoe, students from China

"If you have any difficulties, you can come to IDP office and meet the counsellors. They will give you very helpful advice."


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