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Canberra Institute of Technology

អំពី Canberra Institute of Technology

Canberra Institute of Technology has an impressive 90 year history providing technical and further education in the ACT and surrounding area. Today, it trains around 20,000 students each year, touching more lives post- secondary school than any other tertiary education institution in the ACT. Offering apprenticeships and certificate level training through to diplomas, bachelor degrees and graduate certificates, it offers the full gamut of the tertiary experience and can help you identify a training pathway to help you reach your goals, whether you are new to study or already hold qualifications.

Canberra Institute of Technology offers a variety of courses to international students from Certificate to Bachelor Degree level qualifications. The institution’s courses are industry focused and well regarded in business and the community. The staffs are industry professionals, with students benefiting from their expertise, support and personal attention. It prides itself on offering an exciting and diverse multicultural environment with international students representing many different countries.

Canberra Institute of Technology has five conveniently located campuses across Canberra, with world class facilities including industry standard simulated training environments, libraries and information technology resources, plus new sporting and recreational centres. Courses are delivered to international students at two of the Institute’s beautiful leafy locations, Reid and Bruce. The remaining campuses provide study facilities available for international student use.

IELTS ត្រូវបានទទួលយកនៅ Canberra Institute of Technology
IDP មានមោទនភាពជាម្ចាស់មួយនៃ
អ្នកត្រូវការ IELTS ដើម្បីដាក់ពាក្យនៅស្ថាប័ននេះ
Right Arrowកក់ឥឡូវនេះ
-35.28596, 149.13765 37 Constitution Avenue,Reid,Australian Capital Territory,2601 Australia
ទីក្រុងជិតបំផុត: Canberra
ប្រភេទ: On-campus
អាស័យដ្ឋាន: 37 Constitution Avenue, Reid, Australian Capital Territory, 2601 Australia
-35.3474, 149.09556 160 Ainsworth Street,Phillip,Australian Capital Territory,2606 Australia
CIT Woden
ទីក្រុងជិតបំផុត: Canberra
ប្រភេទ: On-campus
អាស័យដ្ឋាន: 160 Ainsworth Street, Phillip, Australian Capital Territory, 2606 Australia
-35.24901, 149.09526 35 Vowels Crescent,Bruce,Australian Capital Territory,2617 Australia
ទីក្រុងជិតបំផុត: Canberra
ប្រភេទ: On-campus
អាស័យដ្ឋាន: 35 Vowels Crescent, Bruce, Australian Capital Territory, 2617 Australia
-35.23998, 149.14809 49 Phillip Avenue,Watson,Australian Capital Territory,2602 Australia
Academy of Interactive Entertainment Watson
ទីក្រុងជិតបំផុត: Canberra
ប្រភេទ: On-campus
អាស័យដ្ឋាន: 49 Phillip Avenue, Watson, Australian Capital Territory, 2602 Australia

ដើម្បីស្វែងយល់បន្ថែមអំពីព័ត៌មានដែលបង្ហាញនៅទីនេះ – ​​​​​​​អានអំពី របៀបដែលយើងប្រមូលនិងបង្ហាញព័ត៌មានវគ្គសិក្សា ។ IDP សូមមិនទទួលខុសត្រូវចំពោះកំហុស ឬការលុបចោលណាមួយនៅក្នុងខ្លឹមសារនៃគេហទំព័រនេះទេ។ យើងសូមណែនាំឱ្យអ្នកនិយាយជាមួយអ្នកជំនាញផ្តល់ប្រឹក្សាពីការសិក្សានៅបរទេសរបស់ IDP ដើម្បីទទួលបានព័ត៌មានចុងក្រោយបំផុតនិងត្រឹមត្រូវបំផុត។



  • វាយបញ្ចូល 3 តួអក្សរនៃឈ្មោះប្រធានបទហើយជ្រើសពីបញ្ជី

  • បញ្ចូលឈ្មោះវគ្គសិក្សាហើយជ្រើសពីបញ្ជី


  • វាយបញ្ចូល 3 តួអក្សរនៃឈ្មោះសកលវិទ្យាល័យហើយជ្រើសរើសពីបញ្ជី

  • បញ្ចូលឈ្មោះសកលវិទ្យាល័យ ឈ្មោះសាលារៀនហើយជ្រើសរើសពីបញ្ជី