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What’s the best place to study in Australia? What university should I go to in the UK? What’s the difference between studying in Canada and New Zealand? You’ve got the questions and we’ve got the answers. Have a look at our frequently asked questions below and listen to universities and students giving us their answers and opinions.

Your questions answered

We meet with students and parents across the world at our IDP Events. Here are some of your popular questions answered by our expert team of IDP counsellors.

Is a Master of Machine Learning available in Australia?
by yamini
Yes it is available in universities like The University of Adelaide, ANU and offered as a specialization in masters at most universities.
What are my best options for studying PG sports and exercise management?
by dhaksha
Top universities that offer a Master in Sports Management or Sports and Exercise Science include Deakin, La trobe, Bond, Griffith and UWA.
is there an eligibility criteria for a post-study work visa?
by divya
You must have at least 2 years of academic study in Australia at the Bachelor level or above.

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