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Study master’s abroad

A master’s degree from abroad can-do wonders to your CV!

One of the greatest benefits of enrolling for a master’s abroad is the opportunity to be able to study at top-ranked international universities. In fact, a master’s degree broadens your horizons as it not only deepens your knowledge education-wise, but also allows you to contribute out of the classroom. Plus, needless to say, it sets you apart from your job contenders in the global marketplace. 

Why study masters abroad?

Here are the top reasons that motivate students to pursue a master’s degree:

  • For career change: A master’s degree is accepted as a professional degree, with a new focus on preparing students for careers in business, government, and non-profit settings

  • To prepare for doctorate degree: Master’s degree programs offer a mixture of discipline-specific, advanced coursework with skills like critical thinking, analytic ability, and time management and prepare you for a PhD

  • To gain deeper knowledge in current stream: It gives you an opportunity to build upon your knowledge from undergraduate level and become a subject expert

  • For career advancement: An employee who shows potential for success in a long-term situation which requires stamina, discipline, leadership, and the ability to work well with others, stands in line for growth opportunities within their organisation

Top courses

Following are some of the renowned international master’s programs abroad:

  1. Master’s in Management and Leadership

  2. Master’s in Computer Sciences

  3. Master’s in Business Administration (MBAs)

  4. Master’s in International Relations

  5. Master’s in Economics

  6. Master’s in Psychology

  7. Master’s in International Business

  8. Master’s in Biology

  9. Master’s in Engineering and Technology

  10. Master’s in Health Sciences

Eligibility criteria

Studying masters abroad requires months of information gathering, starting from knowledge of the application process to deciding the right program and university. The pre-requisites of overseas education basically boil down to the following main points:

  • Academic History: A Bachelor or undergraduate in science stream may apply for a Graduate or Masters

  • IELTS scores: In most countries, language proficiency tests are mandatory. English proficiency tests like IELTS (overall band score 6.5 or above) are a prerequisite for native English-speaking countries for people who belong to non-native English-speaking countries 

  • GRE or GMAT: These standardised tests enable the admission committee to assess the students reasoning and analytical abilities which may be essential to study and contribute to the graduate program you are applying to

Cost and duration

The study duration period differs with the chosen master’s programs. Depending upon the course of your choice, it typically ranges from one year to two years. The tuition fee for the course ranges between USD 20,000 to USD 67,000.

How to choose the right master’s degree

Following are some factors that’ll help you determine the time duration of the course:

  1. Research or taught
    A taught degree, like MA or M.Sc., one can expect it to take a year full-time including modules and exams, as well as a dissertation. However, if you choose to go for a research degree (like MRes, Mphil), which can take longer than a year as you are completing original research, it is usually estimated at one to two years.

  2. Subject selection
    Courses in arts, humanities and sciences will tend to be of standard length – a year. In exceptions like Social Work MA, one can expect the timescale to be around two years so as to accommodate the work experience and vocational aspect of such a course. 

  3. Full-time or part-time
    This goes without saying that a full-time master’s degree will take the least time, which is one year. In case of part-time degrees, the duration varies from one university to another depending on how long they allow you to complete the program.

  4. Distance learning 
    With distance learning, there is an addition of many other variables which determine time duration. For example, in an Open University, you get a period of ten years to complete the required credits, which is by now the longest route to get into some master’s course.  

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Master’s from abroad not only broadens your horizons academically, but also socially, geographically, and culturally. Your willingness to take on challenges makes you a desirable option for your future job recruiters. You'll also be better prepared for careers in global marketplaces shaped by international businesses and business practices. We wish you the very best for your pursuits abroad. Should you need any guidance at any step, feel free to IDP’s international education specialists and we will be happy to guide you. 

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Updated on April 1, 2022

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Many universities offer accredited degrees in finance. Your Bachelors degree marks and previous subjects will be the deciding factor.
Is it mandatory to have student health insurance?
by kannan
Yes, it is mandatory to have overseas student health cover for the entire duration of your program in Australia.
What's the minimum funds required to study in Australia?
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For a student visa you need to show 1 year tuition fee, 1 yr living cost and return air fare. See an IDP counsellor for exact amounts.

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