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Study Masters Abroad

Course overview

The study abroad programs for master’s degrees allow international students to pursue Master’s Study in a foreign destination and get education of international standards. Universities across the world award Master’s Degree to students upon completion of a course of study in a specific field or professional practice. With the Master’s Degree, students get qualified to teach at universities or colleges in certain discipline. There are two common titles of Master's Degrees which are: a) Master of Arts (M.A.) degree and b) Master of Science (M.S., M.Sc. or M.C.A.) degrees. Depending upon the study, these degrees are course-based, research-based, as well as both. Accordingly, the duration of Master's Degree programs is between one to six years, depending upon the research work.

Masters in Australia

Students pursuing a Masters in Australia enjoy high quality education which is highly recognized worldwide. There are 39 Australian universities & many other recognized higher education institutions which offer a Masters in Australia degree. Diversity and autonomy are the most important features of Australian universities. Prospective students who wish to pursue a Masters in Australia also need to demonstrate their research ability or relevant work experience. Entry requirements for Masters in Australia are satisfactory completion of a standard Bachelor Degree. 

Masters in USA

A Masters in USA course spans over 2 years and involves rigorous coursework, trainings and research. Some universities in USA as part of their curriculum offer hands on training and various research opportunities to the students. A Masters in USA includes assistantships, internships and on-campus jobs. Students intending to pursue a Masters in USA have over 1,700 institutions to choose form with varied specializations offered by each University. The students also have a choice between academic and professional master's degree along with the flexibility to design programs and choose electives beyond the core department. Masters in USA usually involves one year or more of education depending on the subject or course, and the student earns a master's or doctoral degree like MBA, MS or PhD. Admission to a Masters in USA program usually requires a minimum of 16 years of formal education. That is, 12 years of primary and secondary schooling and further 4 years of college.

Masters in Canada

There are plenty of master’s degree programs offered by Canadian institutions to students looking to pursue a Masters in Canada in addition to professional degree programs and post graduate certificates and diploma. The programs under Masters in Canada are offered in a wide-range from Fine Arts, aboriginal studies, pharmacy, Biotechnology, Business, Commerce, Astronomy, media studies and Information Technology, Engineering and Telecommunication etc. The duration of a Masters in Canada is two years where students may find a fast track Masters option as well. The duration of a post graduate diploma or certificate can be 1 - 2 years. A Masters in Canada degree is recognized around the globe for its highest standard.

Masters in New Zealand

The 2 year course for Masters in New Zealand is an ideal course for several international students, for it paves the way to a booming professional career. The eight different globally acknowledged universities in New Zealand offer Master’s degree in various fields of studies. During the two year course, the first year is the theory year followed by a year of independent research work. The course structure of Master Studies in New Zealand is based on the UK format of higher education. To get admission in Masters in New Zealand in major universities, a student must meet a basic set of criteria that includes qualification and proficiency in English language.

Masters in UK

Students, who are looking to pursue a Masters in UK, have plethora of courses to choose from. A Masters in UK is more self-directed than a course or degree at the under graduation level. All university departments are audited by the relevant higher education funding councils and by the UK research Councils for the Masters in UK courses offered by them. Masters in UK courses are defined as either 'taught' or 'research' programmes, although students may find that there is some combination of both taught and research components in your chosen course.

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Timeline for 2020 intakes

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What is the best college to study Mass Communication?
by lakshmi
You can look at Bachelors or Masters at institutions like University of Cardiff, University of Leeds, Goldsmith, UOL or Brunel University.
Am I eligible to apply for master if I have already completed a masters?
by raja
You can apply, however, you will have to justify why you are applying for another masters program.
What are few university options for studying Engineering management?
by Pursothaam
Options include Deakin University, University of Technology Sydney, RMIT University, La trobe University and University of South Australia.

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