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The new era of online education and digital maturity 

Our expert Rohit Sharma sheds light on the relevance of digital literacy in current times


Survival in the COVID world impels us to stretch our thoughts beyond the common imagination and penetrate in the future and as Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. quoted, these thoughts may never return to its original dimension. COVID-19 pandemic has reconditioned the whole digital space and has compelled people, policy makers and organisations to transform their ‘Ways of Working and Thinking’. Educational institutions globally are undergoing transformation to partner with technology more than ever before, to impart knowledge and reach out to students remotely, resulting in online classrooms and virtual teaching. 

Australian institutions are a step ahead 

Taking a giant leap in this space, Australian universities and institutions have embedded online learning as part of their curriculum, offering flexibility to students to attend classes from the comfort of their home, with easy access to facilities like e-library, student support services and online learning material; assuring not only the wellbeing of students in these difficult times where mobility is a challenge, but also presenting interminable access to amenities. 

Besides flexibility, online learning offers liberty to learn with technology; navigate the program lectures, interact with others virtually and communicate well digitally; honing digital literacy and computational thinking of students, considered to be futuristic skills. 

Institutions are also partnering with organisations like LinkedIn (world’s largest professional network) to bring students exciting programs that reward them for starting their studies online, until campuses are open, offering access to professional learning material, seminars with experts on job search and career prospects in Australia and credit transfer on successful completion of online units.

Online learning is the first step towards digital maturity

One may feel digital learning poses a challenge due to limited face-to-face interaction with teachers and fellow students. To surpass this challenge some of the leading Australian universities are not only offering live lectures with faculty and interactive platforms to engage with fellow students, but are also ensuring online curriculum empowers a student with digital maturity. Recognised for teaching excellence, world-class research and innovation in teaching; Australian universities are extending simulated virtual sessions, allowing prospective students to experience online micro-units; to instill confidence in digital education. 

Institutions are also offering deferment or withdrawal options, in case any student finds it difficult to cope up with online classes, post enrolment. These initiatives would help students to access quality Australian education and commence their studies during COVID-19 without any fear or risk.  

Australian universities are committed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge to help them succeed in their ambitious careers, necessitating higher level of change management and agile thinking; in this evolving world. With international travel ban imposed across many countries, learning online allows student to start their program units and transfer to on-campus delivery, once travel restrictions are lifted, saving valuable time of students and substantial living cost.

A premium online learning experience coupled with studying at globally ranked institutions with the finest training facilities, gaining work experience while studying, multicultural society, safe and healthy environment and generous employment opportunities; makes Australia an attractive destination for international students. Further, with efficient government policies and accomplished health infrastructure, Australia has done remarkably well to curtail the COVID-19 situation, offering students with a great opportunity to stay ahead.

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma – Senior Manager, Client Relations (Australia) at IDP Education, has over 10 years of experience in managing international student mobility and is responsible for providing strategic, leadership and operational support to more than 40 offices across India in student recruitment and admissions. He works closely with Australian educational institutions, building strategic client engagement and partnerships.

An affluent study abroad advisor, Rohit also conducts career awareness sessions with parents and students, exploring education options in Australia based on career goals.  


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Yes, as long as you have a good research proposal and experience, you should be eligible to pursue a PhD in the UK.
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Top options include University of Adelaide, Deakin University, Swinburne University and University of Melbourne.
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