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Study Business Analytics in Australia

Read up more about this emerging course option in Australia

Lately, business houses have realised the need to process a large amount of structured and unstructured data into data sets for meaningful insights to make crucial business decisions. Given the same, Business Analytics has become a sought-after course with students wanting to learn the process of extracting insights from complex data sets, enhance the ability to converse with other technical experts and derive meaningful takeaways from the output. 

Why study Business Analytics in Australia

1. Structured course program

Business Analytics courses are divided into modules that help understand how to apply data-analytic techniques in different business cases. The course will simply help you look at various analytical problems from a business perspective and help develop your knowledge in foundational and advanced analytics techniques.

2.  Modern infrastructure and industry interaction

You can learn how to put your knowledge to use in an Analytics Lab besides using the techniques learnt in specific contexts like finance, supply chain and marketing environments. Some institutions also run Personal Effectiveness Programs to help you become confident and provide you with a platform to share key insights with senior leaders and make connections.

3. Gain industry exposure

In most Australian institutions, a Business Analytics course comes with an industry project, which helps to enhance your cognitive skills. These projects are based on the application and interpretation of data analytics in a real-world business scenario. This also helps network with various key people in the industry and make meaningful connections for future. 

4.  Job opportunities

Almost every Australian institution offers a range of learning opportunities such as internships, placements, study tours and immersion programs to help their students practice what they have learned throughout the study program in real business scenarios. This is where the students may also get a chance to work with leading global firms and land placements in Australia or across the globe.

Eligibility requirements and duration

For Bachelor’s: Qualification equivalent to completion of 12 years of school with knowledge in relevant subjects* studied during senior high school. Additionally, you are required to comply with the university’s English language requirements. A Business Analytics course at a bachelor’s level is usually a three-year full-time program. 

*Relevant subjects include Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, Finance

For Master’s: An undergraduate degree (duration of 3-4 years minimum) in any of the relevant areas* from a recognised institution with a minimum weighted average mark (WAM) mentioned by the institution. Additionally, you are required to comply with the university’s English language requirements. A Business Analytics course at a bachelor’s level is usually a two-year full-time program. 

*Relevant areas include Commerce, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or Information Systems, Engineering and/or Science

Career scope

Business Analytics graduates can be employed in a range of industries globally as Data Analysts, Business analysts, Market economists or analysts, Financial analysts, Human resource analysts, Business intelligence analysts, Insights analysts, Data consultants or Senior business analysts. Usually, in the beginning, a candidate can expect an indicative average graduate salary of $73,000 per annum.* 

Indeed, the data analytics industry is growing at a rapid pace across the world and graduates from an Australian institution are always at an advantage over their peers. Studying Business Analytics in Australia provide you with the right global exposure and subject knowledge, provided you select the right institution based on industrial ties, rankings, faculty, infrastructure and much more. 

If you’ve been thinking about enrolling in a Business Analytics course, get in touch with our international education specialists who’ll guide you through your entire journey and help you live your dream. 


Updated on April 12, 2021

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