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Australia now offers up to 6 years* of post-study work rights

Yet another great news for students aspiring to study in Australia!

If you have been aspiring to study in Australia, there is one more reason to lock on to your decision – the latest update on the new 485 post-study work stream visa! Now you can enjoy extended post-study work rights in Australian regional areas and live your dream. The Australian Government is expanding its support to students through a number of additional measures:

  1. Increase the stay period for master’s by coursework graduates, on a permanent basis

  2. Increase the stay period for Temporary Graduate visa applicants from VET sector graduates onshore to 24 months, on a temporary basis

With the recent changes declared by the Australian Government, Australia now offers up to four years of Post-Study Work (PSW) rights to international students post completion of their respective bachelor’s degree. Post graduate students enrolled in Master’s (Coursework or Research) degree are eligible for up to five years of Post-Study Work Rights. A few top and popular cities such as Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, Wollongong/Illawarra, Geelong and Hobart now offer one year of additional PSW (total of 3 to 4 years). In fact, there is a list of cities where you become eligible for PSW for up to five years upon the completion of your degree. 

What is this new 485 post-study work stream visa?

It’s a great opportunity to stay back and work in Australia for a longer duration! This new post-study work stream visa, offered by the Australian Government enables you to study, live, and work in the designated regional areas of the country, for up to five years. This is a great update as now you can plan for your career in a better manner, having a wider range of areas accessible to study and work, besides a longer duration of post-study work visa validity. 

Who can apply?

As an international student, if you wish to work in Australia upon the completion of your studies for a longer duration (up to five years), then this is for you. Good news is that this visa allows you complete study and work rights, besides allowing the freedom to travel to and from Australia as long as it is valid. 

You should know

  • Your field of specialisation will not be a determining factor as this post-study work visa doesn’t have an occupations list. But ensure you are studying at the right levels
  • You should have a degree from a CRICOS-registered course
  • Skills assessment isn’t requisite to apply for this visa
  • You need to fulfil the English language proficiency requirements

As per the recent announcement, students going to study master’s by coursework are entitled to an additional year of PSW, similar to master’s by research:




(Coursework & Research)


Major Cities


Up to 2 Years

2 Years

3 Years

4 Years

Cities and major regional centres

Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast,
Canberra Newcastle/Lake Macquarie

Up to 2 Years

3 Years

4 Years

5 Years

Regional centres and other regional areas
All other locations

Up to 2 Years

4 Years

5 Years

6 Years

The post-study work stream visa can open doors to an exciting career in Australia. This means, more options, more exposure, and yes, more employability.

Australia’s regional cities are a great place to study, work and live – offering a highly attractive combination of a world-class university education and a great lifestyle. While Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney are already popular, the equally important cities like Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra now become more attractive to international students. This may be creating a sustainable balance and more opportunities for everyone and also that education and employment opportunities that are available across Australia are taken up by students rather than competing in a concentrated space. There are economic opportunities that are all around the country and the new policy will advantage the international students in many ways.

Get informed, speak to us to find out all the benefits about studying and living regionally:

  • enjoy face-to-face consultation with our experienced counsellors about entry requirements and application process for courses in regional Australia
  • discover specialty course offerings that are unique to campuses in regional areas
  • learn about Universities based in cities like Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast and many more

Schedule a free counselling session at your nearest IDP office today! For more updates, you may also refer to the official website.

Updated on January 5, 2022

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