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Postgraduation in Australia

Pursue the career of your dreams in Australia

Once you have decided that you want to opt for higher studies in a particular field, selecting the right study destination is an equally important choice. It impacts the quality of education as well as the cultural exposure you will receive during the course. That said, Australia is one of the most popular choices among students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. 

Why pursue postgraduation in Australia

Australia is known for being a multicultural country, which provides international students with an insight into working with people from different cultures and ethnicities. 

  • Variety of courses: Australia offers a variety of courses to choose from and each is supported with a world-class faculty 

  • Hands-on training: You’ll get to work on projects that will help you gain practical experience in your field of study

  • Post-study work opportunities: Once you complete your course program; you’ll have the opportunity to work in Australia 

  • Internship opportunities: Postgraduate students can easily find internships in local companies to enhance their industry knowledge and experience 

  • Personal development: Australian institutions aim to enhance the personality and leadership skills of their, especially at a post-graduate level

Types of postgraduate qualifications in Australia 

Postgraduate degrees in Australia are broadly divided into coursework or taught degrees and research degrees. 

These degrees cover the practical aspects of the course/subject taught via a set of real-life challenges and experimental work. Assessment is measured by an original dissertation or thesis.
Here are some popular research degrees along with their duration:

  1. Coursework or taught degrees

    The degree primarily focuses on building a theoretical foundation. Assessment is made via exams. Here are some popular coursework or taught degrees along with their duration:

    Post-graduate qualification by coursework


    Graduate Certificate

    6 months to 14 months

    Graduate Diploma

    6 months to 14 months

    Master’s Degree (by Coursework)

    1 year to 2 years

    Master’s Degree (Extended)

    1 year to 2 years


    Up to 4 years

  2. Research degrees

    Postgraduate qualifications by research


    Master’s degree (by research)

    2 years

    Research Doctorate (PhD)

    Up to 4 years

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility requirements depend upon several factors such as your nationality, type of the university and your chosen course program. The documents required also vary as per the academic level of the course you plan to pursue. For instance, for a doctorate, the number of documents required is considerably more than a master’s degree program. 

Most commonly, to pursue a postgraduate degree in Australia, you’ll need: 

  • A bachelor’s degree in your desired study area (recognised by the Australian education system)

  • Academic transcripts as proof of grades

  • Proof of English-language proficiency such as your IELTS scores 

  • Personal identification documents

  • Letter of Motivation along with relevant references 

  • Work experience, if any

Cost of studying in Australia 

In Australia, the tuition fee for postgraduate degrees varies with the university or the course program chosen. However, on average, the annual tuition fee for a master’s is approximately AUD 20,000 to AUD 45,000/year, while for doctoral degrees it varies between AUD 30,000- AUD 60,000/year*. Note that there are degrees that may have higher tuition fees depending on the specialisation or subject. 

*In Australia, up to 100% scholarship and grants to eligible students

Note: The cost of studying veterinary study programs and medicine may be on the higher side than other programs.

Career prospects

Based on a national survey of 2018, 86.9% of all postgraduate graduates in Australia were working full-time. While postgraduate research graduates enjoyed an employability rate of 93.5% (higher than in 2017). While accounting for subjects, medical practitioners enjoyed the highest employability rate and earning potential among all the graduates. 

The median salary for a postgraduate student is approximately $83,300, while for a postgraduate researcher it is approximately $90,000 annually. However, medical graduates top the charts in terms of salaries. A dental practitioner earns somewhere about AUD 1,09,600 annually while nursing employees may earn approximately AUD 1,07,500 annually.*

If you’ve been wanting to pursue your postgraduation abroad, then studying at an Australian institution is a great choice. You can always come to IDP for free counselling session and our international education specialists will guide you through the entire journey. 


Updated on July 22, 2021

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