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PhD in New Zealand

Here’s everything you need to know about PhD in New Zealand

New Zealand is ranked among the top study abroad countries for international students and is known for its PhD programs across the world. The course structure includes an in-depth thesis, which is counted as an original and significant contribution to the relevant field of study. 

Why study PhD in New Zealand

New Zealand can offer you an ideal portfolio of excellent research opportunities, affordable tuition fees and a range of extra-curricular activities. Since all eight of New Zealand’s universities are ranked high in global university rankings, whichever university you choose for your PhD, you can be assured of being delivered world-class education. 

There are many more reasons to choose New Zealand for your PhD:

  • Excellent research opportunities: Right from Ecology to Anthropology, New Zealand's universities have a unique way to deal with complex projects which aren't too commonly available at other places. Also, the nation is home to leading financial centres, science parks, and engineering hubs, which increases the scope of research opportunities

  • Globally ranked higher education system: All of New Zealand’s eight universities are included in the list of 2021 QS and Times Higher Education league tables

  • Affordable: Pursuing PhD in New Zealand is quite affordable, and you need to shell out a bomb to follow your doctorate dreams

  • Accreditation: With all of New Zealand’s eight universities being publicly funded, regulated, and accredited by the government, each can easily carry out research activities in all trending academic fields with the authority to award PhDs

  • Specialised infrastructure: Some PhDs degrees in New Zealand require specialised research centres and are thus situated separately from the universities to provide researchers with the right infrastructure for their work. These centres though award degrees in alliance with the universities 

People from the different parts of the globe visit the country to enjoy its landscape view. Since you'll be living here for more than three years, you can enjoy its scenic beauty along with your research activities. Not to mention, as per the 2021 Global Peace Index, New Zealand ranks second on the charts, which means you can be assured of your safety here. 

Eligibility criteria

Every university in New Zealand has its own entry requirements for PhD projects and programmes, but most commonly, they require: 

  1. You should have relevant knowledge and experience to complete a PhD in your desired subject area. This decision will be made on your existing qualifications. 

  2. An undergraduate degree 2.1 (or equivalent).

  3. A Master’s degree that may not directly relate to admission to a PhD, but additional subject knowledge is necessary, especially if you have any sort of postgraduate research experience in the process.

  4. Suitability of the project that you plan to research on. 

  5. In the case of Arts and Humanities, you should have a strong research proposal to demonstrate the feasibility and exceptions of your ideas.

  6. If you apply for an advertised PhD i.e., in Science and Engineering stream, you need to exhibit a clear understanding of your research goals.

Cost of studying and duration 

Unlike other countries, studying at New Zealand universities is quite affordable for international PhD students. Although, every university has their own fee structure for PhD, but usually it’s falls between NZD 6,500-NZD 9,000 per annum to study full-time. The duration of the program might vary between three to four years depending upon the scope of your research. Also, all PhD graduates are entitled to three years of work visas post completion of their studies. 

An internationally-recognised doctorate qualification will not only add that extra weight to your CV but also open up a broad range of global opportunities. If you have any queries related to studying in New Zealand, you can always reach out to IDP.  

Updated on July 22, 2021

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