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Study Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the UK

Explore what makes UK institutions pioneer in artificial intelligence

The UK is known to offer a promising research environment attracting millions of students who aspire to study Artificial Intelligence (AI) each year. British universities offer multiple degree courses in AI to equip students with relevant skills and knowledge while providing the basis for persistent academic research strategy. In fact, AI is expected to boost the UK economy by 22% by 2030 due to AI’s applicability across sectors, funds allocated by the government for sectoral growth and continuously evolving job opportunities in the stream.*

Eligibility criteria 

AI courses in the UK are available at the master’s level. Since the eligibility criteria varies from institution to institution, we recommend you check with your desired institution or our international education specialists before getting enrolled. The basic requirements to make an application are:  

  • An overall band of 6.0 in English-language tests such as IELTS

  • First-class UG degree in engineering, physics, mathematics, or other subjects if mentioned with crucial mathematics content

  • Minimum 60% in graduation with minimal backlogs and required knowledge in computer programming 

  • Strong conceptual knowledge of basic mathematics mainly differential equations, calculus, linear algebra, and elementary probability theory

Cost of studying AI in the UK 

On average, pursuing AI courses in the UK will cost somewhere between £13,000 - £26,000. In addition to the tuition fee, you’ll have to show necessary funds to prove you can bear the living expenses. For instance, if you study in London, you will have to show £23,950 yearly, but in any other region £22,950 would be sufficient. Usually, the duration of a master’s course in AI in the UK is 12 months. 

Career scope

Employers in the industry seek graduates with high-level computing skills and knowledge to solve real-work problems. As per PayScale, the average salary after completing master’s in AI in the UK is £51,000 per annum; however, the salary differs depending on sectors, designation, and job profile such as: 

Job role

Average salary per annum*

Machine learning engineers


Full-stack developer


Research scientists in AI



The jobs are widespread across sectors such as finance, pharmaceuticals, films and games, healthcare, public services, consumer products and other areas of business and society and the demand is constant in popular companies like IBM, Microsoft and EA Electronic Arts to small local organisations alike.


Updated on May 21, 2021

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