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Alumni Experience

Hear what the students say

Do you have big dreams in your #lifegoals? Part of them include going overseas to learn and pursue quality education? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s get prepped up, because you will experience much more than study.

Over the last 50 years, IDP as a global leader in international education services has helped students from over 30 countries. With our guidance, they successfully entered more than 500,000 quality courses in English speaking countries of their choices.

Many of them have inspirational stories. From the moment they started getting study-ready with IDP’s help, to growing positively in terms of their career, professional, and personal life. Their experiences can move you to get up and do your best too, to make the big dreams come true. They also have some inspiring messages for you who are thinking to study abroad. Watch the videos below:

1. Dhika Dewangkara, Postgraduate (Master degree) student from Jakarta, Indonesia

Pursuing a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), Indonesian student Dhika Dewangkara shares his goals and dreams, as well as why he enjoys living in the bustling city.

Dhika's study abroad choice in QMUL may also be the best one for you, when you're dreaming of these 3 things:

  • ✓ Get more knowledge in Entrepreneurship to help you build your own company,
  • ✓ Want to learn about the industry and elevate your game,
  • ✓ Experience the joy of living between different culture and lifestyles

2. Isni Nura, Undergraduate (Bachelor degree) student from Jakarta, Indonesia

A Fashion Buying Management student at Westminster University, UK, Indonesian Isni Nura gives her take on why she embraces the experience of living abroad, and shares how it has shaped her into who she is today.

Isni Nura's study abroad choice in Westminster University may also be the best one for you, when you're dreaming of these 3 things:

  • ✓ Want to pursue a passion of living and studying in London,
  • ✓ Want to experience new things and meet new people from various countries,
  • ✓ Want to grow personally and professionally overseas.

3. Yohan Rubiantoro, Graduated Master student from Jakarta, Indonesia

Yohan's study abroad choice in University of Birmingham may also be the best one for you, when you're dreaming of these 3 things:

  • ✓ Wish to advance your career with higher academic qualifications,
  • ✓ Get wiser as you gain experience and knowledge in another country,
  • ✓ Want to bring your family and let your kids learn as well. Plus, they get to practice their English!


And the success stories still roll...

3. “Choosing IDP Education is the best way as they really guide you all the way through.”

Krishna, student from Mauritius.

4. “You turn up, you explain what you want, they advise you and everything gets sorted. I couldn’t have been happier!”

Lorenzo, student from UK.

5. “I see international education as an investment... the people I met, the countries I visited. There are many things for me to explore after graduation. For me it is just the start… It is the start of the next chapter.”

Yichao, student from China.

6. “IDP Education staff are really unbiased and they are very up to date about universities across the globe. They really helped me a lot with the application process.”

Vignesh, student from India.

7. “Having a detailed discussion with my adviser regarding education in the UK added great value to the choice of my destination of further studies. All the queries that I had were answered promptly.”

Naeem, student from India.

8. “My dream is to build the best career I can. I believe ACE (IDP Education’s English language school in Cambodia) has helped me to become a well-rounded, well-educated professional. ACE is training me to become a learner for life and a great communicator in whatever career I choose.”

Van, English language student with ACE, IDP Education in Cambodia.

9. “I am very impressed with the service from IDP Education’s adviser, from the advice about the courses in UK, all the way through to the preparations of all the necessary documents and the visa assistance. Choosing IDP Education was the right choice.”

Muanfun Jitpraprai (Bai Toey), student from Thailand.

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