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MBA in New Zealand 

Hone your business administration skills with an MBA in New Zealand

MBA has been a coveted degree for students across the world, for decades. Still one of the most popular choices among international students, the MBA degree has not only stood the test of time but has also evolved to be relevant to the demands of newer work cultures and practices. And for international MBA aspirants, New Zealand has become one of the top choices. 

Why Study MBA?

Every student has their own career goal in mind when they decide for higher studies abroad. Here are some that make MBA a top choice of students:

  • It is one of the most recognised degree programs at a global level

  • A perfect mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, it is the perfect course for becoming successful in the corporate world 

  • It opens gates to various career options, not restricting you to just entrepreneurship

  • It helps you gain managerial ability, and equips you with the necessary skills to predict business changes 

Why study MBA in New Zealand?

New Zealand is recognised as one of the most successful business education destinations. Some of the top reasons include:

  • Conducive infrastructure: The institutions have state-of-the-art smart classrooms

  • Global recognition: An MBA degree from New Zealand is accepted across the world

  • Practical knowledge: The institutions hold regular workshops to help you hone your interaction and presentation skills

  • Affordability: An MBA degree from New Zealand is more affordable than the ones offered in other countries 

Entry requirements

The specific entry criteria tend to vary from one institution to another. But to give you a general idea, here is a checklist to help you ascertain whether you are eligible to apply:

  • 15 years of education: You can start your MBA in Zealand immediately after completing your degree program in India

  • Work experience: Most universities in New Zealand ask for 2-5 years of work experience, after your undergraduate studies

  • GMAT: A satisfactory score on GMAT is usually required for management studies  

  • English language requirement: For IELTS English proficiency test, the recommended score is 6.5 band overall with no individual module being lower than 5.5 band (IDP is proud co-owner of IELTS, so you can register for the same with us

Read more: What is IELTS

Documents to study for MBA in New Zealand 

  1. A personal statement/Essay of Intent/Statement of Purpose.

  2. A valid passport.

  3. Complete application form with passport size photographs.

  4. Your original records from secondary schooling and under-graduation certificates.

  5. ACT (American College Testing) or SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) scores.

  6. Proof of funding, to verify the source of the tuition fee.

Cost and duration

The tuition fees for pursuing MBA varies from institution to institution. However, to broadly classify it, the range is from NZ$ 35,000 - NZ$ 54,400. If you are thinking about budgeting your living expenses in New Zealand!

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New Zealand Universities

Total Duration

Massey University (Massey)

1 Year

Victoria University of Wellington

16-20 Months

University of Auckland

18 Months

University of Otago

15-24 Months

University of Canterbury

15 Months

Lincoln University

1 year

AUT University

12-16 Months

The University of Waikato

18 Months

Career prospects

If you wish to work in New Zealand after completing your course, you should know that a post-study work visa, ranging from 1-3 years, is granted to international students. You can use this time to create a global network in your field. The average salary for a New Zealand student with an MBA degree can be as high as NZ$ 1,04,750.

Pursuing a degree in MBA will not only enhance your managerial skills but also help you interpret and predict the ongoing business trends for a successful future. All New Zealand universities use various tools to challenge the students on multiple stages in order to refine their management skills. If you are still unsure about any step in the application process, reach out to IDP’s international education experts and discuss all your queries regarding MBA in New Zealand. We will be pleased to play a role in your education journey.

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Great support!!

I highly recommend the IDP Battaramulla branch to anyone who is planning to study abroad. My student counsellor Ms. Nimshie Perera gave me excellent guidance and support throughout the process. I'm very grateful to IDP for the best assistance that given to reach my dream of studying in New Zealand.

Student from Battaramulla

Updated on July 22, 2022

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