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Student Essentials

Get the right student health cover

Student health cover does more than just meet regular visa requirements - it helps you pay for medical and hospital care and protects your health while studying abroad. Let IDP help you make the right choice when it comes to your health.

Need help finding accommodation that suits your needs? From private homestays to student apartments, we know the best addresses.
Student Banking
Getting you finances organised is important, with IDP you can simplify the process whilst in another country.
Money Transfer
Securely pay tuition fees, living expenses and other essentials, in your local currency, with competitive FX rates and no fees.
Guardianship Under 18?
Guardianship may be required during your time in Australia. Find out more…
IDP Helpline
Problems with your course? Getting sick? Life getting too much? IDP Helpline is on call 24/7.
Student discounts
Want discounts on movies, restaurants and shopping? We have the card for you!

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